An haute couture soiree of other-worldly embroideries and ultra-romantic silhouettes

Engulfed in delicate laces, silks and chiffons, and adorned with dried flowers, Chanel’s couture Spring collection is pristine, untouched luxury. It’s a celebration of beauty and nature inspired by 18th century grandeur. If you are a collector of sartorial marvels, Karl Lagerfeld’s lace insets and embroidered folds will earn a revered spot in your collection. As with all key runway shows, we bring forth you the fine details.

Photo credits: WWD

Full skirts and corseted bodices | The 18th century shines through in these very special occasion dresses. Their silhouette, plush lace and dry flowers tell a glorious tale of splendour, legacy and painstaking craftsmanship.

Photo credits: WWD

Lean silhouettes | In Chanel’s lean skirt suits lies the answer to how you wear haute couture during the day and not just reserve it for special evenings. Every detail of the white outfit on the right is a wonder – the dainty collar, the remarkable buttons, the beautifully textured fabric and most of all, the unexceptionable sewing of strips of fabric to give the semblance of pleats at the hem.

Photo credits: WWD

Feathers | Feathers have made their way into haute couture with an unimaginable degree of finesse. We see the 18th century surface again with the pannier on the dress in the centre – a spellbinding example of something that’s amply vintage without looking like a costume from a period drama. We are deeply in love with the white feather skirt-leather jacket (notice the buttons) outfit and the classic Chanel suit made feistier with feathers.

Photo credits: WWD

Ribbon trims | These ribbon-adorned dresses are a custom-made for the ladylike lady who reads Anna Karenina and vacations in Monaco. The blue dress enveloped in rows of ribbons looks like the perfect piece to wear to a friend’s day wedding in an exotic destination.

Photo credits: WWD

Giant folds of bubble hems | Looks like Chanel has sworn to make the bubble hem fashionable again. The ornate embroidery on the inside of the folds of these Barbie-doll dresses demonstrates what luxurious couture really means.

Photo credits: WWD

Bride in a bathing suit | This year round, Chanel’s iconic couture bride came in a one-piece bathing suit embroidered in silver flowers, with a long veil emanating from her glittery swimming cap. What do we say – we want to re-imagine the way we go swimming to be able to do justice to this spectacle!

We can’t stop admiring the collection – can you? How hard is it for you to pick a favourite?

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