Drawn by unconventional glamour, young Indian designers are creating their own language, waging a war on the mundane

I am not BOSSY. I am the BOSS” that’s the new Indian woman for you! She is wearing the pants, along with skirts, velvets, leather and more, with gutsy aplomb. As she comes to terms with her Indianness, she realizes that being global is part of it.

Designers are willing to stretch their limits; some doing away with the idea of boundaries as a whole.

And luckily, the young Indian designers are watching her, with offers no self-assured woman can refuse. With time and technology by their side, the new brigade of Indian fashion designers is waging a war on the mundane and boring. Let’s start with Nida Mahmood, labeled the ‘queen of Indian kitsch’. She specializes in making fashion a form of art. The human body is her canvas and she, the Van Gogh of fashion, paints it with artistic abandon. When Nida introduced the saree and jeans combination, she daringly challenged the nine-yards. But she has more up her alley than offering a twist in tradition. She designs for the unassuming Indian youth who according to her, “is so strong and individualistic.” Her high-on-crazy collections-Bioscope, Sadak Chaap and Maachis-offer a front row seat to her distinctive insights.


WESTERN SENSE, INDIAN SENSIBILITIES | While India has a vast tapestry of fabric, its richness sometimes blur in its design definition. On the other hand, the West employs a futuristic approach to fashion. Whether it’s Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney or the burgeoning Asian impact of Thakoon and Gurung; western runways always have the next slit, cut, symmetry, or lack of it. The young Indian designer draws a wealth of inspiration from such cutting-edge and unconventional glamour.


Young, vivacious and extremely talented designer Aneeth Arora is at the helm of this creative shift. She excels in the art of reworking western silhouettes with Indian fabrics. Her label Pero, which means ‘to wear’ in Marwari interprets international aesthetics using local material and skills. Here’s a sample of her artistic sensibility.

For the ones who dare to experiment, we present a designer duo to swear by-Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty. Undeterred and unfettered, their label Huemn is synonymous for its eyebrow lifting androgynous styling.


THE EFFECTS OF CHANGE | Art is nothing but looking inhibition in the eye and smacking it in the face. In its purest form, it is perfect freedom. The fearlessness displayed by new Indian fashion designers echoes among the community and outside. Designers are willing to stretch their limits; some doing away with the idea of boundaries as a whole. The respect for originality is at an all-time high and age has ceased to do anything with experience. But behind this nascent charm lies a not so charming fact. Many young designers have turned their back to original Indian couture-ethnic wear-which has unconsciously been labeled uncool. Since adaptability is fast becoming the name of the game, the new flux of designers must incorporate shapes of our past to design the spirit of the future for Indian ethnic wear.

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