Paisley is among the most versatile patterns in fashion today | We tell you how to bring it into your wardrobe with eight outfit inspirations

The exotic paisley has witnessed wars, survived the hippie generation and continues to emerge triumphant on several international runways. The teardrop/feather-shaped vegetable motif is believed to be of Persian origin where it was called both, Persian for shrub or cluster of leaves. Fashion forward boy band, The Beatles often sported paisley shirts in public. Prince and Mick Jagger in their paisley regalia helped keep the ancient pattern alive.

Paisley is among the most versatile and adaptable pattern in fashion today. From shawls and sarees to dresses and totes, it has displayed its ability to shine in every avatar imaginable. Yet, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few ways that you can make paisley a convenient part of your wardrobe.

The white/black sojourn | If you are wearing paisley-heavy shirt/skirt then pair it with black or white pants/top respectively. It helps break the endlessness of paisley and keeps your look well within the limits of well-groomed.

Paisley accessories | A big paisley pendant or giant earrings can totally turn a rather drab outfit into something wonderful. Likewise, paisley scarf/bandana is pretty effective in giving a plain-Jane outfit an appetizing turnaround.

Wear your paisley heavy skirt with a black/white top.

Paisley pin-up | If wearing head-to-toe paisley is on your bucket list then here’s what you need to do. Pair a paisley crop top (prefer lighter tones) with a low-waist fit ‘n’ flare skirt. Your bare midriff will keep the paisley from towering over your frame.

Pieces that complement your figure | Patterns always highlight our frames in a way nothing else can. They possess the ability to expose our problem areas. Ouch! To ensure that your paisley top/bottom/dress fits you like a glove.

Poise by Paisley | Here are a few outfit options that’ll renew your love for this time-tested motif 
Paisley wrap dress. A short paisley wrap dress and long legs – a heavenly alliance, indeed.
Paisley kurta. For the ethnic lovers, a paisley kurta is a wonderful and cordial addition to their existing fashion firmament. Team it up with a pair of solid color leggings to dial down the chances of paisley overload.

Paisley kaftan. As long as the motifs are well spaced out, there’s no reason why you should stay away from the paisley kaftan. Go for lighter breathable fabrics like cotton or even silk – depending on the time of the day.
Paisley jacket/shrug. Wear one over a single-color jumpsuit or dress to wring in the element of excitement.
An oversized paisley shawl. Wrap yourself up in ample folds of paisley and enter luxury-villa.
Paisley silk twill pants. Not for the faint-hearted; the paisley silk pants when worn with a breezy white shirt can put many evening ensembles to shame.
Paisley wrap jacket. This one’s a keeper! It eloquently breaks the stereotype that looking good takes hours to accomplish.

Paisley knotted headwrap. Anyone and everyone with a regular head on her shoulder are wearing a headwrap these days. But only a trendspotting mind will wear one in paisley. Choose your side wisely!

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