6 Instagram-born fashion houses you ought to shop at

What began as a benign platform to share pictures of what was trending is now one grand junction of influence that has the power to start new trends and reinforce existing ones. For instance, cowboy, plastic and the 90s are a few fashion movements that are believed to have taken shape by the sheer force of Instagram. In the same way, there are brands that were born in Instagram and are thriving owing to the cult followership of the social platform. We dig in to the most loved ones of 2018 and see what leads to their tremendous popularity.


Photo credits: Veja

Veja combines innovative upcycling with spectacular designing. This sustainable trainer brand has been on the sartorial scene for quite a while, but got elevated to global fame in 2018 when Meghan Markle wore its leather trainers to the Invictus Games, effortlessly incorporating them in her hybrid laidback-regal style.


Photo credits: Reformation

Reformation celebrates the feminine figure with what they call ‘effortless silhouettes’. Their USP is designing in the moment: they recognize fashion trends in the instant and bring out rather impromptu collections, in contrast to others that plan their collections 12-18 months in advance. And sustainable-fashionistas, rejoice; Reformation fully embraces the concept of ethical fashion.


Photo credits: Attico

Rich hues, dramatic prints, intricate embroideries, show-stopping fabrics and flaunt-worthy silhouettes make Attico a star brand on Instagram. In here, Italian designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini have taken antiquated concepts and juxtaposed them onto the contemporary canvas. What you find in the collections of Attico is ornate beauty that seems inspired by the times of Roman decadence yet effortlessly befitting the current day.

Realisation Par

Photo credits: Realisation Par

We owe this brand some of the most inspiring trends of the year like polka dot wrap dresses and Naomi, a leopard-print midi-skirt that reigned supreme on numerous fashion circuits through the summer. From Margot Robbie to Emily Ratajkowski and Selena Gomez to Bella Hadid, this brand has received the love of some seriously big Instagram influencers. One could easily call it the ‘It’ brand of 2018.


Photo credits: Staud

Staud is in part nostalgic, in part futuristic. It’s recognized for clean, no-nonsense silhouettes with an essence of timelessness. They design one of those very simple yet stunning pieces that match well with most of your shoes and accessories, and don’t look dated no matter how long you keep them with you.

Rouje Paris

Photo credits: Rouje Paris

The multifaceted influencer-cum-designer Jeanne Damas celebrates fashion through Rouje Paris. Their collection, comprising vintage dresses, mini-skirts, flared jeans, delicate blouses and beaded bags, has a trademark French vibe to it.

Be it ultra-feminine vintage or be it normcore at its peak – there’s something here for every fashion lover – so which brand have you been ‘gramming this year?

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