Too much of anything can be bad and the same goes for your fashion choices | We tell you how to avoid going over the top

We Indians like to overdo things. We love more, express more, and equally characteristically dress ‘more’. This has got to stop. And if you are preparing to show us the ‘my clothes, my choice’ card, vogue is the last thing you’ll be in (evil chuckle).

As Coco Chanel said, remove one item before leaving the house | It always works | Thinking in the right direction often begins with asking the right question. Here are a series of questions you can ask yourself before killing your style with an overdose of fashion.

Am I wearing it all matching-matching | When the 90’s left, it took away with it the concept of matching-matching. But if you are still stuck in the times of Govinda and going magenta all the way, we have two words for you – “Just Stop”! The revolting concept of matching everything you wear should be filtered out of your life. And replaced with a subtle knowledge of fashion and what is fundamentally good. See what colours complement each other. See how they complement your skin tone. For example, pair a green dress with a peach clutch or a white suit with red heels. Get the point?

Does my face look like a rainbow | We don’t mean it as a compliment. If you don’t want to end up looking like a colour palette of a confused artist, there are a few things you must stop doing to your face.

Stop binging on bling. If you are wearing a glossy outfit, keep your make up simple and non-glossy or you will end up looking a knight in shining armour.

Stop highlighting all your features at the same time. Focus either on lips, or eyes or cheeks.

Stop overdoing the bronzer to get a tan. It’s overrated anyway and when overdone, acutely repulsive.

Stop waiting for those eyebrows to turn into hairy caterpillars. Keep them trimmed.

A few do’s | Keep your lip-liner a shade or two darker than your lipstick.
Use face powder sparingly to make your skin look peachy, not patchy.
Make sure your mascara covers the length of your lashes.

Do I look like Bappi da in heels | Too much of gold is a bad thing. In fact, too much accessorizing is among the worst things you can do to yourself. Chaos on your body depicts confusion in your mind. Be careful when picking up your accessories.

Dolce and Gabbana catwalk

Do I really need that | A simple but pertinent question. And one best answered at kitty parties. Swing by one and you’ll see women decked up to their teeth. Sometimes the number of items engraved on their body can total up to 10. They must do away with at least 6 of them to keep us from covering our eyes. Make sure you never, ever go beyond 5.

As Coco Chanel said, remove one item before leaving the house. Try that sometime. It works.

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