Kitsch is entering the mainstream with designers like Nida Mahmood, as people open up to the beautifully bizarre style

Given our love for boundaries, kitsch has created a border between those who love it and those that admonish it as “a cheap, attention-grabbing stunt”. But the borders are thinning and kitsch is slowly de-boarding at the cult station and entering mainstream city. The new Indian wearer-the true critic-is embracing the boring-turned-beautifully bizarre idea of kitsch-y fashion with open arms. So, it might take you a while to spot people in flushed pink pants and asymmetrical lime green tops, but if you put your faith where designers like Nida Mahmood, Manish Arora, Jeremy Scott, Anya Hindmarch, etc, have put their mouth, you will see the streets turn into a live canvas soon.

Keeping up with kitsch | Someone rightly said, kitsch is “fun, loud, bordering-on-vulgar pieces that have the ability to look unique”. While that might be the case, it certainly doesn’t make it everyone’s cup of exotic. Wearing “bordering-on-vulgar” outfits requires a special breed of enthusiasts. But, if you are still in the iron grip of sobriety and aching to break free, we’ve got some ideas that will help you test its rainbow waters

Don’t be kitsch-dressed to your nose. Kitschy is funky only when it’s done in the right amount.

It’s all about having fun. Diana Vreeland once said, “Never fear being vulgar, only boring.”

One boastful piece at a time. For beginners, one quirky piece is quite enough. A backpack or a quirky phone cover is a good place to start.
Patterns, themes you are naturally drawn towards. Cultural motifs, bright, neon colours, animal shapes or whatever it is that attracts you naturally should be your starting point for quirk. A patchwork jean-jacket is one such example.

Kitschy accessories, from oh to awe! They come in all shapes and sizes and offer a great many ways of wearing them. For one, a long neckpiece can moonlight as a belt. You can also pair “nathni” or nose-ring with jeans, “maang tikka” with a cropped blouse and skirt.
New colours/patterns in old fabric. Find fabrics you are comfortable in. Then go for the quirkiest colour they can offer you. No matter how over the top the color or the pattern, you’ll always find solace in the familiarity of the fabric.


Keep your tryst with kitschy footwear for when you’ve committed all other cardinal sins. Kitsch-y footwear comes in a range of mad and crazy. Paired with a played-down dress or even an LBD would work well.

It’s all about having fun. Kitsch is nothing if not fun. Whether it’s playing wacko with your hair, wearing animals on your feet or adorning your hair weed instead of a rose, kitsch is bound to make you fall in love with life like never before. Diana Vreeland once said, “Never fear being vulgar, only boring.” Well, period.

Kitsch for your wardrobe | Here’s a list of kitsch must-haves for your closet!
That ‘mental’ bag | From teddy bear and cupcakes to tacos and big lips, your kitsch bag will bring the crazy out of your closet.
The hair-I-don’t-care regime | Opt for cat beanies, owl hair-clips or rainbow highlights to make brows sink lower!

The Great Leggings Revamp | From The Simpsons family portrait to sharks and blood-shot eyes, kitsch-y leggings will dare you to walk the extra mile.
High-pitched colours | Neons in patches, fluorescents in snatches! This rhythm’s gonna get ya! Oversized jackets to prints-excess tees in loud colours are a must.
The jean-saree | Nida Mahmood’s take on the traditional saree, with the jean doubling up as the petticoat is a keeper.

Kitsch, as a rule, has no beginning or end. It simply goes on. And once the bug bites you, there’s simply no turning back!

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