A Home Grown List For Your Next Beauty Fix

The beauty industry is being reshaped by indigenous brands that (finally) cater to our needs. No longer do we have to hunt the gamut of international brands for a palette that suits Indian skin tones. Our very own brands have much to offer: from organic makeup rooted in ayurveda to unique colours.

Here are a few we’re dying to try:


Ruby Organics is a great brand for anyone plagued with skin problems. They vouch to only use natural and organically sourced ingredients, which nourish and care for your skin. Employing the powers of jojoba and castor oil, shea and cocoa butter, and vitamin E, they feature everything from concealers to lipsticks. Free of parabens and animal testing, this brand is for the socially conscious consumer.

Ecoberry focuses on a holistic approach to beauty, with a skincare line and nutritional supplements in addition to cosmetics. They are known for their range of natural, mineral based loose foundation powder and handmade lipsticks. With an emphasis on sustainable manufacturing and sourcing processes, they aim to enlighten customers on the best products for their wellbeing.


Natasha Moor launched by the namesake makeup artist, offers a range of 21 bold and matte lipsticks. Built on the artist’s experiments with colour and tint, the label boasts a unique palette, with shades unavailable elsewhere.


Nykaa is a growing online platform delivering international and domestic brands to your doorstep. They also feature their own brand of makeup, serving everything from your contouring to aromatherapy needs. With a wide range on offer, they are sure to have something for you, whether you want to keep your makeup classic or high on trend!


Colorbar is available across popular high street stores like Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle. It features products for all your needs from foundation and concealers, to nail lacquer, lipstick and toners … and then some - blue lipstick anyone?

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