Wear your money on your clothes, accessorize with diamonds and put on makeup that really shows

It’s time for some serious glamour. These clothes are for the one who revels in her riches and is unashamed of letting it be known to the world. They’re fun and flamboyant – and will set the mood for an explosive party scene for the holiday season next winter – particularly so if you plan to spend a week or two (or four) in the casinos of Vegas.

Photo credits: WWD

While some looks of the collection were outright entertainers – like a cape embellished with potatoes, carrots, peas and steak, there were plenty of others that deserve to be worn. And here go our top picks of the wearable pieces.

Photo credits: WWD

Those really cute one-shoulder dresses | We’re observing a good deal of the one-shoulder silhouette starting from Spring’19, going all the way to Fall. Moschino has played it just right in these ruffle dresses (what do you think of the ‘Press Your Luck’ print of the one on the left?) worn with stone-studded shoes. The dresses remind us a lot of Gauri and Nainika’s gowns from their recent Spring collection.

Photo credits: WWD

The dollars on me | What better place to look for inspiration than those green bits of paper that rule the world? We’d say a little eccentricity every now and then is enlivening to the spirit. Coming winter, you could bring it in with a dollar bill dress or track suit.

Photo credits: WWD

Game show prints | Moschino’s runway was a game show set, and the clothes kept up with the setting. We quite like the cropped cotton cigarette pants – they’d be lovely for lounging around – pair them with a slouchy black sweater and ballet flats for the perfect casual chic look.

Photo credits: WWD

Golden gowns | What spells Hollywood glamour more clearly than a golden gown? Both the pieces are amazingly well-designed. The hip overlay of the one on the left certainly steals the show.

Photo credits: WWD

Faux fur coats | If you’re pampered and spoilt, let the world know how pampered and spoilt you are with a faux fur coat. We love both the pairings – which one do you prefer? On a side note, could the model’s pouty expression be any more perfect (on the right)?

Go ahead, be the snob that wears Moschino – it’s legitimate – and it’s liberating, if you know what we’re talking about?

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