Accessorising your hair is one of the most romantic summer trends of 2016

Summer is all about feeling light and one of the quickest ways to do that is pin your hair up or use a hairband to keep them from falling on your face. This season is all about zinging up those smaller details that are usually ignored.


Keeping it natural, Diane Von Fürstenberg (DVF) opted for the easiest available and modest of all accessories, flowers. Her hairpins with flowers made a significant statement on the New York runway. One can even experiment with a few artificial flowers to compliment the look. Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte also trod the floral route with their double-metallic floral clips.


At Saint Laurent, it was grunge reinvented. Models sauntered down the ramp in blonde buzz-cut hairdo with bejeweled tiaras and leather jackets, conjuring up the 90s glam look. The crowns and Alice bands were ornately gilded at Dolce and Gabbana. In New York, Givenchy’s basic headbands were reinterpreted in gold and complimented the embellished face masks that models adorned. The very signature bows at Lanvin transformed into french knots made in silk ribbons holding the immaculate buns together.


Chanel never fails when it comes to a reinterpretation of the basics and so it did with the normal hair clips. Sam McKnight, the hairstyling expert kept it simple and gave models metallic clamps and double headbands to keep their hair in place.


At Miu Miu we had a lot to talk about; first, those David Bowie inspired footwear and then those hairbands with metallic spikes. The ensemble was sophisticated yet with a punch of punk. Dior kept it clean; though the entire ensemble had hints of androgyny the hairdo was simple yet feminine, with ponytails tied in black and beige silk ribbons looking effortless.

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