‘Tis the season at Good Earth...


Paro and Gandhara are what’s new and trending

It has taken founder Anita Lal 22 years to evolve Good Earth from a single boutique in Mumbai to a chain of seven stores and a strong e-commerce presence that ships to 90 countries. Now, Good Earth has become synonymous with sustainable luxury through contemporary design and their endeavour to promote traditional craftsmanship.

We’re enchanted by their latest outing in home and apparel. With its dark and rich palette, the Gandhara collection - an ode to the legacy of an ancient kingdom - is perfect for the season. Good Earth’s other exciting new venture is the launch of wellness brand, Paro, which as Simran Lal, CEO and daughter of founder Anita Lal describes, “is not a store, it’s not a shop.” Below, we take you through all we know about Gandhara and Paro so far:


The ancient kingdom of the Peshawar Valley is the inspiration behind Good Earth’s latest home and apparel collection. An unfinished blossoming lotus, a darkly trumpeting elephant and a Bactrian horse are the primary motifs used in the collection. The Gandhara home collection ranges from functional and practical pots and vases to versatile dinnerware in rich shades of ochre, saffron, gold and indigo to traditional textiles with beguiling traditional Ajrakh prints and Banjaran mirror work.

And if you’re on the lookout for festive wear, we’d start with the Gandhara apparel collection. Jewelled hues of rich wines, forest greens, midnight blues, vintage archival Benarasi brocades and intricately embroidered sumptuous velvets make up this collection, in line with the deserved decadence of this season.


Good Earth’s new wellness brand aims to go beyond the standard high-end retail experience. The launch store at the Chanakya in New Delhi houses their retail collection, a library, an apothecary and two treatment rooms. Paro positions itself as an “Urban Sanctuary” to remind customers to treat their body as a temple. There is also a dedicated corner for “deep sleep” and the space as a whole serves as an “invitation to pause”.

The retail merchandise includes Botanica which is a range of bottled perfumes, bath and beauty products, and soon-to-be-exclusive clothing. With Paro stores expected to open country-wide soon, Good Earth has certainly given us a lot to look forward to!

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