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Our handy guide on why you should invest in ceramic ware, and how to care for it

Ceramic industry, one of the oldest in the world, started when man discovered that clay can be dug from the earth, moulded, and strengthened by firing it in a kiln. It began to be used primarily for making kitchenware and basic crockery but today, ceramic is available in a wide range as tiles, studio pottery, figurines, planters, tableware and artworks.

Whether you like your hot morning brew in an earthen pot or just wish to keep an intricately painted bowl as a showpiece on your coffee table, there are many reasons to buy ceramics. We list down a few.

 flora danica porcelain

Modern Luxury | Ceramics make exquisite decor pieces since they are made with hand and, so, no two pieces are ever alike. Each piece of pottery starts its journey on the design table and finally achieves the sculpt by hand. The exclusivity of each ceramic artefact is what makes it a luxury. Today, these are also available in metallic variations achieved with new, digital technology. An age-old art, ceramic decor pieces effortlessly lend sophistication and modern elegance to any interiors.

succulents in ceramic pots – ceramic flower pots

Functional | Ceramics include all objects made from clay which are shaped when wet and hardened by heating (firing). The most common use of ceramics is as tableware or cookware, owing to their earthen quality. Beautiful home accents like ceramic vases and tiles are hugely popular too. One can also use ceramics as decorative art mobiles and opulent light fixtures. The easy in cleaning a ceramic surface also makes it the preferred choice for sanitaryware.

Screenshot ceramic bottles – artisans art – handicraft

Handmade | When you buy ceramics, you are encouraging indigenous craft. Ceramics are made by hand by artisans, unlike most decor items nowadays which are made in machines and mass produced. It’s this raw, honest touch of an artisan’s hand that gives each ceramic piece a unique finish and identity. Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, having ceramic ware around the house is always soothing.

jonathan adler grenade vase – innovative ceramic art pieces

Collectibles | If you are a collector of fine things, a collection of ceramics and pottery from around the world is definitely something to indulge and invest in. As collectibles, they can be treasured for years and then passed onto future generations.

ceramic table lamp handmade – classic white blue ceramic table lamps

Caring for ceramics. From tableware to home decor, ceramics have a wide range of uses. Here’s how you can care for them and ensure their longevity for years.

To clean, use a soft bristled brush with some soapy water.
Let ceramics dry naturally instead of rubbing their surface rigorously with a cloth.
Keep away from bleach and other abrasive products.
When displaying ceramic crockery, use plate stands and racks. Especially, do not hang the cups, pots or vases – it causes the handles to grow weak and break.

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