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We show you five investments that make the case for eclectic maximalist homes

Clean lines, neutral colour palettes and simple furnishings can become boring after a certain point if you want a home that celebrates your vivid personality. Enter eclectic maximalism – the antithesis to minimalism where homes embrace colour, pattern, texture, and quirky finds.

If your decorating mantra is ‘more is more’, going opulent and large for your home’s interior decor can be warm and welcoming. Here are five ideas to embrace drama without sacrificing functionality:

Large horizontal glass bookshelves

Placing large horizontal bookshelves in the hall can make for a striking statement when placed on either sides of a vintage sofa set. Place a large carpet to balance the look over which the sofa set and the coffee table can rest. By the sofa, a side table can be placed over which a moderately large lampshade can sit. Play with cool tones to strike a harmonious chord and to make the ambience visually pleasing.

Bold floor patterns

To make an entrance visually stunning for visitors that drop in, think large this time. Choose sweeping prints or patterns for the entire flooring. Instead of just the nomenclature of motifs and geometric shapes, choose designs that are eye catching in monochromatic tones. Balance the look with potted large plants at the corners and warm tones for the furnishings.

bold floor patterns home decor maximalism

Opulent home accents

Place large curios and accents by the fireplace on the coffee table or maybe on the showcase for a stunning effect to come through. Move beyond metallic touches by opting for crystal and glass or maybe ethnically embroidered vanity boxes, cigarette holders, vases, photo frames etc. A blend of fabrics and glass or crystal would bring a much desired elegance to your interiors.

opulent home accents maximalist home decor colourfull workstation

Exotic animal prints

If you’ve always loved having a touch of wilderness at home, animal prints are the perfect way to make a dazzling effect. Through matte toned sofa sets, couches or diwans, one could have cushions in silk and cotton fabrics with large animal prints embossed on them. Balance the look with a neutral toned rug placed under the couches. Curtains and upholstery for the living room can be chosen with grand flora and fauna patterns for a tropical look to come through.

animal prints home decor maximalist white wall lamp shades cushions on sofa

Elegant gold touches

Gold is a timeless trend and can be used across your home for subtle sophistication and allure. Metallic neutral toned and large printed wallpapers, for example, can grace your bathrooms. Grand additions such as the sunburst mirror, crystal chandelier, gold hardware and lighting fixtures or an antique metallic framed mirror in the halls can bring about an opulent look.

gold home decor maximalist style bedroom king sized bed with candle lights

What is your idea of a grand, eclectic home? Is it maximalism? Let us know in the comments below.

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