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Here are a few low-cost fixes to instantly elevate your interiors

home decor, wicker furniture, ceramic, lampshade, budget interiorContrary to what most people believe, one doesn’t necessarily have to splurge to decorate a home. You can efficiently decorate your space even if you’re on a tight budget. Take a look at the interesting range of low-cost home decor ideas below.

Wicker furniture for Interior Home Décor

Use wicker

Why spend on costly wooden or cast metal furniture when you can add a touch of luxury with inexpensive wicker? From sofas to side tables, coffee tables to storage spaces and more – wicker is perfect to bring a rustic, exotic feel to your home.

Ceramic Art for Wall Décor and Mounts

Display art on ceramics

Ceramic art doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Paint on old and unused ceramic cups, plates, vases and tiles and use them creatively as wall mounts, wall décor, and curios – simple and beautiful.

Tips for home decor using Ceramic Arts on Vases and Bottles

Repaint the old lampshade

Reuse old lampshades with a fresh coat of paint. Metallic shades complement neutral furnishing pieces while single-toned lampshades go well with wood and wicker furniture. Painting old lampshades is a great way to liven up your home without spending a bomb.

Home Décor using Sauder Furniture

Add plants

Another way to upscale the interiors is to bring potted plants into the living space. They are ideal to place in bare corners of the house. Small bonsai plants that need less water and sunlight can be placed on side or coffee tables while bigger plants are great to add character to the nooks of the house.

Home Decor using Mirrored Wardrobe

Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors not only create an illusion of space but also add drama by reflecting light. Easily available and relatively inexpensive, you can incorporate mirrored panels on doors or large wall mirrors with simple frames to amplify any area of your house.

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