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Make your home serene ethically and aesthetically

We’re eating green, wearing sustainable clothing and even shaking hands with clean beauty products then how could we not apply the same rule when it comes to our home – a place that should inherently be an oasis of tranquillity, in all possible means. Growing consciousness for sustainable living home décor is no more confined to the aesthetics of your space, it’s in fact about healthy and soulful way of life.

If luxe design and sustainability is on your mind, you will surely resonate with these ideas to go green and make your home a serene place to live.     

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Thoughtful Lighting | The vibe of your home is directly proportional to the right type of lighting, make it more pleasant with the help of earthy-looking lampshades and fixtures made from organic materials like wood, bamboo, rope or paper and to add that touch of modernity use recyclable stainless steel, copper, glass as a good eco-friendly choice.

Natural lighting is another way of adding positivity to your space - have a cosy corner in your home where you can read a book while sipping a cup of coffee and read until you feel detoxified with the warmth of the setting sun. It’s the perfect plan for a Sunday spent indoors! 

Photo credits: Alair Homes

Go green literally with indoor greenery | Indoor plants are an eco-friendly way to accentuate your décor statements by adding a soothing colour palette and by naturally purifying the air. The next time you wish to spruce up your place, set an English Ivy on your tabletop or a Snake plant on a window pane or an Areca Palm in the corner of your living room. Another fun and fashionable piece of décor is a beautifully set terrarium.

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Upcycle and repurpose | Small little additions count, whether you repaint the wooden table in your favourite graphics or change the upholstery of your décor with sustainably-sourced materials, it’s a great way to go from drab to fab while contributing to the environment as well. And mind you, repurposing can be so much fun if you make it a friends-and-family activity and you never know you might end up creating a masterpiece. If your inner artist is on a break you could always hire a professional.

Photo credits: Inhabitat

Buy locally | If DIY is not your thing you should definitely check out the local stores before hitting the mega-chains. Local artisans are known for their handcrafted wonders – from tables to paintings to pottery you can definitely find a gem for your home, without creating a hole in your pocket and the environment by reducing the carbon footprint rate.

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Hope you’ve made your to-do list to add that much needed touch of green to your home!  And should you need to know the amazing sustainable décor studios in India where you can buy the most stylish pieces for your home, check them out here.

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