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Make your space friendly for your four-legged friend. With these quick tips, you can achieve the task without much compromise

No more excuses for not being able to keep up a chic home because of your pet. While your pet comes with their share of mishaps, from scratched furniture to pet hair all over your bed, we give you tips to have your home just the way you like it, without much compromise and still being pet-friendly.

Everyday tools

Splurge on the right stuff. Keeping a few items handy from the start will be doing you both a favor. A vacuum is one such investment you will not regret, especially if shedding is on your list of problems. A quick fix for cleaning up your pet’s shedding is having a good stock of lint rolls ready. Organize your pet items in a shoe-box or any storage container which comes in handy for their stock of toys too. Keep a towel next to a closet or storage at your entrance to wipe off those dirty paws. Train your dog from the go and you will have to deal with a lot less mess.

Design tweaks

If your pet items are taking over your home, find ways to tweak your home to better accommodate pets essentials. A good choice for your pet’s bed could be somewhere quiet and comfy, under a staircase, an alcove, a bookshelf or even a bottom area of a built-in shelf. Set up an entryway area for your pet where you can easily get access to give a quick clean. If possible, design spaces for feeding and bathing.

Set up an entryway area for your pet for a quick clean |

Consider pet-friendly materials for your home. Hardwood floors and tiles are a good option as they are easy to clean and maintain along with fabrics such as wool, tweed, leather and ultra-suede. Try to avoid light colors unless, of course, your pet is a pro, thanks to your training.

Don’t forget

With a pet around, you will know the importance of being practical wherever possible as well as cautious. Make sure your favorite items are kept away, doors to rooms you don’t want your pet to access are closed. Be aware of pet products you use, as they should be safe and last long. Keep in mind that your kitchen has food carefully stored away, including any that could harm your pet. Always give your space a good look every now and then to make sure it is pet-proof and that there is no harm to your pet with what is potentially placed on low surfaces.

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