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Upcycling old furniture into something chic for the new home

Congratulations on the new house! As you move into it, it’s only natural to think about getting the interiors done in finest furnishings.

We know you’re thinking about the cost but we have a solution to that – old is gold! Don’t throw or give away those wooden boxes, chests and the lovely old redwood cabinets just yet.

Upscale some of the old furniture and incorporate it in you new house, an ideal way to furnish the house without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s how!


Mini bar from an old armoire

The old armoire has been around since you were a toddler, and getting rid of it makes little sense. Especially when you can convert it into a mini bar and place it in the living room of the new house. Give it a good varnish to breathe new life into the structure.


Coffee table from wooden boxes

If you have old wooden chestnut or rosewood boxes at home and are planning to dispose them off, think again. Get help from a local carpenter to transform those boxes into a coffee table. Leave openings on one side of the box to access the contents within and seal the top. Give the whole set-up a good polish. You now have a vintage-looking, rustic coffee table that’s as good as new.


Dining chairs from random old chairs

Remember Monica’s apartment in the hit sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S? You would have noticed how her dining area was made of different styles of chairs all put together. You can do something similar – though not as mismatched. Try painting different-styled chairs the same colour, upholster them with same fabric and place them around any table. Same colour and upholstery will add a sense of uniformity to the dining area.


Storage options from drawers

Don’t throw away those old drawers just yet. There are ways to repurpose them into convenient storage spaces. Start by painting them and then, with the help of a handyman or a local carpenter, drill the drawers into a wall and voila! They are ready to be used as wall storage space in the kitchen, bathroom or even the living room.

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