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Decor options to bring in the festive season

The festive season is upon us and with it comes an abundance of light and positive energy. It is the time to gather friends and family around groaning tables of delicacies, a game of cards or catching up with cousins from far-flung corners of the world.

The perfect ambience can get your guests comfortable in a wink while you play host, stress-free and happy! Light in a space sets the stage for a great afternoon of lazy board games or a party bathed in the glow of diyas. While the traditional diya is a must-have classic, there are plenty of other options to give your space a personal touch. Round-up the family for DIY fun or brief an event planner for that fabulous evening soiree:


Mason jars tap into our inner eternal hipster, but keep a lookout for these choices that let light playfully peek through. Crocheted jars too subtle for the evening? Try this DIY method to add sparkle to regular ol’ mason jar with acrylics, tape and spray paint. Be cautious with this option and read all the labels carefully to ensure your spray paint contains no irritants and is safe for use at home.

Worried about trip-free lighting for that outdoor party in your garden? Mason jars with candles are well protected against the wind and can provide light in the most private nook.

Remember that even before your diyas are lit, they will dot your home. Peeking out amidst garlands and flowers, these multicolour diyas are a great choice. Make it a DIY project and keep your young ones entertained during the holidays with plenty of washable paints, newspaper and the evergreen diya.

Fairy lights are no longer a simplistic choice. Use your imagination and repurpose decorative paper bags or cups from your last party for an instant update on the twinkly lights. Engage older cousins for an afternoon of fun as you string up the lights and retell beloved family jokes.

Create a wall of memories or put up photographs from festive seasons long past. Recall the old times and share cherished anecdotes under the lights. Remember, fairy lights are a hazard-free option that can pay rich dividends!

Brace it all - your meticulous artistic warrior and your homes - but do not forget to add that dear personal touch to it. While we are wholly stirred from the jingles of this festive aura, just can’t wait to have you try the mason jar feat or see your home alleys sparkle with not just fairy lights but that galore of photographs screaming the Diwali joy - loud and clear.

Happy Diwali ladies, be all smiles with bonheur and amour!

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