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Fine dine at your home with glamorous tableware courtesy legacy fashion brands

With the new season often come new tableware trends, but one thing that remains consistent is the sovereign.One of the oldest threads, and to be precise, the most logical one is the entry of luxury fashion brands into homes. Beyond doubt, a dinner set from a legacy brand will be an investment that only grows in value with time. Lush tablescape deserves a party of its own, doesn’t it?

With fashion’s most revered labels bringing out their home collections, you can be the Fairy de la Moda that discerns fashion, lives in it and also dines out of it. Whimsical? Yes, that’s how these brands have turned reverie into a beautiful reality; you’ll want to display it in the most conspicuous spot of your crockery cabinet, or possibly even hang the plates in your dining room for an authentically captivating décor.

Take a look at some fabulous tableware pieces which can magically transform your dining experience:


Photo credits: FDDI

Equestrian first, divine silk scarves second, jewelry and watches third, and now “A Walk in the Garden”– the collection that has us dreaming about spring already is a collaboration between Hermès and illustrator Nigel Peake. The lush and graphic garden will do all justice for your tableware aspiration of bold and beautiful! We are also doting on to art de la table collection – for the lovers of everything sumptuous and classical. Hermes is a way of life that surely will bring life to your eating times.

Photo credits: Hermes

If you also happen to be a Mediterranean apasionado, bring home a warm Iberian vibe with a deep red tea set along with the dinnerware from the vintage Balcon Du Guadalquivir collection.

Gucci Décor

Photo credits: Gucci Decor

Gucci Décor has travelled with an unwavering adoration in our homes. A distinctive collection of verdant greens, flowers and butterflies, Gucci’s tableware will be perfect for lounging around the dining room with sandwiches and soups on a lazy Sunday afternoon while you talk about your last vacation in the tropics. 

Rosenthal meets Versace - 25th Anniversary Collection

Photo credits: Rosenthal

When  the  planet’s  finest  porcelain  makes  love  to  the  planet’s  prettiest  prints,  the  results  are  prodigious. We have seen one after another remarkable collections since Rosenthal met Versace 25 years back! Most recently, to celebrate their 25 years of togetherness, the duo released a limited edition collection of 25 different designs comprising plates and teacups, each piece so beguiling that you might want to save the collection as an antique.

Photo credits: Rosenthal

For the holiday season, this duo has launched ‘The Reflections of Holidays’ Christmas collection with rich tapestries that are unmistakably Versace. Pave a path for this to arrive at your home for an undeniable joyful dinner in the plates that righteously say “Home for the holidays – where all your wishes come true.”


Floral notes of J’adore, soft tulle of voluminous gowns and black taffeta cocktail dresses with a cinched waist, all come to a merry dinner together in Dior’s tableware. The collection is as elegant as Dior’s trademark clothing. If timeless ensemble dominates your wardrobe, Dior plates must adorn your table.

Versace’s glamorous Medusa, Gucci’s carefree butterflies, Dior’s subtle elegance or Hermes’ regal beasts, which among these is going to be the lucky one to embellish the fashionable dinner party?

Embrace these collections to please the tableware aficionado in you!

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