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Five thoughtful and stylish ideas to showcase family photos on a wall

Individualistic urban families like to infuse their own personalities into their space and decor, especially when telling a story through family photographs. Freezing memories has come a long way – from in-studio family portraits to “groupfies” today – and each one with the family is precious. Displaying them on a wall is a great way to reminisce the good times as well as keep the photographs from collecting dust. Here are five easy and stylish ideas on how to display family photographs on a wall

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In a circular pattern | Arrange the photographs in a clockwise setting with the head of the house placed at the 12 o’clock position and thereafter the children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and pets in sequence. You can select wooden rectangular frames for a clean, elegant look.

On a wooden board | Have a wooden board installed on a bare wall and fill every inch of it with photographs of memorable family times. Also include some candid photographs; they make you feel nostalgic like no other. You can secure the pictures with clips and thumbnails, or paste them directly onto the board.

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On a dedicated wall | If instead of putting all the good family photographs on display, you only want to showcase a few special ones – dedicate a separate wall to those. This would be a wall that speaks only of milestone moments or times close to everyone’s hearts. Below the frames, you may add small descriptions to make the memories extra special.

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On a tree decal | Always thought of having your very own family tree? What’s stopping you? Paste a tree decal or mural on a wall, and on each of its branches place the photograph of a family member. You may further enhance the concept with wall art using flowers, birds and butterflies around the tree decal.

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In a heart-shaped grid | Keep reminding your family members how much you love them through your words and actions; collect the most precious pictures of the family and place them in a heart-shaped grid. This collage will look best in the living room, bedroom or the corridors connecting different parts of your home – places where you can take the time to stop, look closely and think back to the times gone by.

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