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It’s not a split-skirt or a skort…it’s a culotte! Wear them in denim, printed, classic black or pastels

They were phenomenal in the ‘70s. Their 2000’s version of gauchos made us cringe. And now the modern day culottes are here to stay!

New York Fashion Week

The trickiest trend to embrace this season is wearing culottes, as seen on the runways and high street fashion. It’s everywhere and can be a challenge to pull off. Here’s our styling guide to help you enjoy one of the season’s hottest trends in different fabrics, colours and textures

Denim culottes| Wear one with a white shirt (or a tee) tucked in. Due to the short length you need to define the waist to make it look put together. For shoes, opt for flats or wedges.

new York fashion week 2015 street style

White culottes| This is one item you must invest in and discover the endless possibilities of styling it can provide. For a chic look, try a black peplum top (black and white together is perfect for any summer occasion). Or keep it simple and try it with a short kurta. For shoes, go for kitten heels to add some height to the high pants silhouette. Tip: Pull your hair away from your face.

Culottes pants style clothing

Pastel culottes| No matter what shade of pastel you choose, stay away from heavy textured fabrics. Opt for cotton or silk for day and night. Slip on a bandeau top and wear a belt to show that waistline. For a night out, throw a cropped blazer on top and slip into your nude heels. There you go - two trends in one for spring summer 2015 - culottes and pastels.

Culottes pants clothing street style

Black culottes| Another classic that will last season after season. For a casual look try a bralet top or a simple cropped top. Since black can be paired with almost any colour, be a little experimental and go for bold prints at night. Keep the fabric textures in the same family. Add some drama to your look with your stilettoes, handbag and even a scarf tied around your neck.

Printed culottes| Since the print will draw attention to your look, wear a solid colour top. If you are feeling adventurous, try print on print. However, pair one with a twisted front tee or a boat neck tee, untucked. Slip on ballerinas or any flats. Try brogues to add a touch of masculinity in your chic feminine style.

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