A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Making Your Daily Jeans Look More Stylish!

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Trust us, it is that easy!

Jeans have always been a classic. They go from desk to drinks quite effortlessly and can suit even the laziest dresser. So comfortable are these denims that some people even choose to sleep in them! It is a must-have item in your wardrobe and can never go out of style. Sure, the type of jeans you choose may vary depending on the occasion but everyone has that favourite pair that they stick to until the seams go off. There is surely no harm in that, but what if we tell you that you can pair your favourite pair of jeans in four different ways? Whether you don’t want to part with your forever favourite or are just too lazy to play dress up, here are some tricks and tips that’ll help you style your usual jeans in four different ways!

Inside Out

This is not a drill but inside out jeans a real thing! After dominating the runways recently, a lot of celebs too have incorporated this trend in their off duty looks. Sure, this trend is not for the faint-hearted but it does look cool for when you want to make a statement. You can buy a new pair if you want or go with the same old one. Just make sure that the unsightly threads are cut from the lining before you venture out in public.

INR 25,300.00
AT helmutlang
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Boot Tucked Jeans

This is exactly as it sounds. Boot tucked jeans were made famous by the Kardashian sisters and has slowly trickled down to mainstream fashion too. You will just need two things- boots and any skinny jeans. Go for a matching colour for your boots and jeans if you are looking to give an illusion of longer looking legs. We think this style is not suitable for India (barring winter, of course!) per se but abroad, it will be a winner.

Skinny Mid Waist Destroyed Jeans
Skinny Mid Waist Destroyed Jeans
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The Fanny Pack Jeans

You will not need any more motivation to give up on your lazy habits of dressing up. Trust us, this will need less than 5 minutes and you can wear it with any jeans of your choice. A fanny pack can make any jeans look from drab to fab in no time. Just make sure you have a tightly done fanny pack hung around your midriff area for that added appeal. Psst… it can cover a multitude of midriff sins!

Navy L.12.12 Signature Small Logo Leather Zip Fanny Pack
Navy L.12.12 Signature Small Logo Leather Zip Fanny Pack
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The Giant Cuff Jeans

The giant cuff jeans is basically rolled-up denim that goes an extra mile. Meaning, there is ample cuffed hem which gives it quite a raw appeal. Again, you can click through and buy within minutes but if you are lazy, then just roll it up and that’s it, you’ll be done. Just a word of caution; do ensure that the jeans are ironed and not crumpled as it may only lead to a faux pas. Crop tops or linen shirts, it will look great with all.

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Not only does this technique support sustainability, but it is also pretty stylish and can be easily worn with a number of outfits. Now isn’t that a great idea?

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