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Style is personal, style is about substance and flaunting sex appeal, but not out loud | Just follow the rules

Confidence is sexy. It shows that you are comfortable with who you are. With more and more women embracing their true selves, confidence has never looked sexier. Yet, the word sexy is often associated with skimpy, titillation, skin show and other such monikers. And when these alone form the foundation of sexy, the result is alarmingly trashy.

Paris Fashion Week

Sexy is a careful study of style and not mere copy paste. Take, for example, Carrie Bradshaw. She is a role model for millions. Some admire her wit, others her style. When people say that she can pull off anything, you can’t disagree. And on closer inspection one can understand why. She knows the rules, and she knows how to break them. Style is about substance and flauntig  sex appeal, not out loud, just a little subtle. So how do we do it in a subtle way? Here are a few things you can try.

NYFW fashion – New York fashion week

Choose from a wonderful mélange of natural fabrics like silk, cashmere and leather.
A silk scarf can up your oomph to unfathomable degrees. Let its soft curves hug your neck delicately or fall carelessly.

Paris fashion week street style 2015 – Parisian street style

Leather is like second skin, especially when worn in bottoms. You feel empowered, confident and assertive once you slip it on. The rule is to keep it minimalist.

Kiev fashion week fall 2016 fashion shows

Cashmere! Ah, our love for it and its luxurious feel. Try wearing a simply V-neck cashmere sweater backwards. A little exposure on the back adds oomph to your look and makes you and your attitude undeniably sexy.

Carrie Bradshaw sex and the city outfits fashion

Sexy is a careful study of style and not mere copy paste. Take, for example, Carrie Bradshaw.

A woman who feels sexy looks sexy! Wash your mind off the images of Bollywood vixens. Get rid of|
An overzealous attitude| Never, ever give into the temptation of trying too hard.
Overconfidence| A truly sexy woman is someone who is completely and absolutely comfortable with herself. She does not feel the need to attract attention.
Body image| Embrace your authenticity. It’s your body and only your rules apply. Flaunt it, pamper it, love it because your level of comfort with yourself will determine your level of comfort with others.

Keep it real | Think of women who you think are sexy and ask yourself why. They treat their bodies with respect whether they are in white overalls or a black backless dress. To be sexy, you must feel sexy all over. Take notice of body parts you would usually neglect and show them some love. Work on your attitude and confidence.

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