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Say goodbye to smudged mascara and runny foundation

It is a harsh summer this year and heaven bless those with combination or oily skin. Only they know what it feels like to be a ‘meltdown’ case. Every morning you make the effort to dress up, carefully apply winged liner and ensure your mascara stays smudge-free – but for how long? The few moments after you step out the smudging saga begins. You wish there was real waterproof and sweatproof makeup that worked like magic. Well, there are! Here’s what you need to know about them.

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Do you need waterproof or water-resistant | Just as you would check the labels on grocery items, we encourage you to do the same with your makeup. Waterproof products are thicker than water resistant ones. Both keep sweat at bay but the latter does it without feeling heavy on your skin. If you are worried about the longevity of your makeup in this sweaty weather, chances are it would stay. How? Pick products that have water resistant sealants on them. Such makeup would be gentle on the skin and lighter to use. It’s probably why our Bollywood divas look equally ravishing in rain, under the sun or on a beach.

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Have you set your makeup well | If you don’t know how to set the makeup application well, chances are it wouldn’t be pressed enough for long. Pressed and mineral powders for example are amazing to use when the weather is a little cold but during summer the same powders give you a cakey look – settling in the creases and fine lines of your face. What you can do to prevent that is use blotting paper to tone down the oiliness and shine. It acts as a mattifier for the next three hours, at least. You could also use a good face mist. It helps cool the skin and keep the makeup in place for more than five hours. Another great idea would be to switch from powders to cream-based primers and foundations, which definitely last longer without giving your face a greasy, patchy look.

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Does it stay all day long | We rarely have time for touch-ups between work, working out, and home. Long-lasting makeup, then, becomes a boon. We recommend you apply testers the first time you go buy any waterproof cosmetic. Use testers and gauge their effect after a few hours, or a day. See for yourself if the makeup actually stands by time it claims it’ll stay. Generally, a good waterproof mascara brand can last for anywhere between 6-8 hours. A good blush, around the same time.

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Do you have a good makeup remover | Invest in a good makeup remover because waterproof makeup needs to be taken off carefully. What you need are oil free cleansers that are specifically made for waterproof cosmetics.

Need more help | We would recommend speaking with a trusted makeup artist | they know the best secrets!

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