Romancing the Shutterbugs

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A few innovative hacks to dramatically improve how you look in pictures

Precious moments have a serious flaw of being ephemeral; but photographs make up for it. Photographs are where your fabulous outfits, freshly-fallen-in-love feelings and ecstatic smiles live forever. They are one thing that the vagaries of time can’t rob away from you. Here is how you make them spectacularly nostalgia-worthy.

Get a shot from the heavens

Sit pretty, look upwards with all the Mary-Poppins innocence you can muster, and ask the photographer to click you from above. This angle will do awesome things for you – it will make your jawline stronger, it will eliminate all possibility of a double chin and it will also make you look more engaged with the camera.

A bottom-up angle for your outfit shots

Add grandeur to your Instagram posts by creating an illusion of length for every full-length shot. Placing the camera a bit lower than eye-level and then tilting it back to accommodate the subject is the seasoned photographer’s way of making people appear taller in photos.

Curl the eyelashes – Don’t curl the eyelashes


Most of us look fantastic with our eyelashes curled and coated in a layer or two of mascara – it opens up the eye and makes it look brighter. However, for a few of us with super-wide doe eyes, curling may not be the best bet. Wide eyes tend to look overly big in photos if you open the lashes out – so ditch the curler and let your naturally big eyes alone talk to the shutterbug.

Look up to stunning profile shots

Look high up and focus on something. Profile shots can get no better than the ones in which you look upwards – they work wonders for elongating the neck and defining the jawline. You can choose to wear a subtle smile or a straight face with a pensive expression for this shot – it will come out beautifully both ways.

Make your arms and thighs so much leaner

Yes, you can, in pictures. And you won’t need incessant workouts and tormenting diet plans to follow for it – only paying a little attention to the positioning will do. If you are sitting down, lift the thighs up slightly so there’s no ‘weight’ on them; and move the arms away from the body, ever so slightly, again.

Flaunt those glorious curves

Tilt at a 45 degree or so angle from the camera in a standing shot, relax the shoulders, stretch the back and stick the elbows out. Doing this makes your waist appear slimmer and thereby the curves more pronounced.

Take your pictures seriously – they are history in the making – they are the legacy you create today!

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