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A neglected accessory, a belt can define pull any outfit together defining your look | Invest in these four must-haves

Hidden under your shirts or visible over a pant, shirt, sweater or dress, belts top our list of styling accessories. Ever since belts had a major fashion moment in the 1930’s, when women embraced pants in their wardrobes or the 1950’s - remember the shirt waists of the 50s housewives - designers have focused on this much-appreciated accessory. They have brought it into our closets as a primary fixture to build a look on. There were Yves Saint Laurent’s low-slung hip belts over the iconic safari jackets and the chain belts that gave bohemian swagger to the disco divas of studio 54.

French street style 2016

A great belt can do three vital things for you 
Accentuate your body’s natural curves.
Take your outfit to the next level.
Seamlessly finish any look.

Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio
Paris fashion week street style

Beds come in various styles | obi, cowboy, ribbon, belly chains, gaucho - made in leather, fabrics, metal or pearls. Choose from skinny, wide, tie-ups, with or without buckles. With so many options, the choices can be confusing. So we put a list of ‘Fantastic Four’ must-have belts.

Swedish winter street fashion – Stockholm street

Go for prints and bright colours, such as Marsala, the colour of 2015.


The classic black or brown leather belt | A versatile belt that should, preferably, be narrow with a sleek buckle. You can style it with pants, shirts, sweater, jackets and even over a dress.

London fashion week

Woven belts | are another classic to own as they are well-textured and make a mundane outfit chic, especially if you try one over a white shirt. They never go out of style and are handy to style formal to semi-casual outfits.

Ada Kokosar 2017

A vintage inspired belt | is a good investment as they accentuate your waist. If broad in size, you can easily wear them over your dress to highlight the waistline. Or try a simple chain belt to add subtle sophistication to your outfit.

Paris fashion week street style fashion

Current trends | in belts are always good to get. We are obsessed with the obi animal print belt this season. With the varieties around, you can easily go for prints and bright colours. Incidentally, Marsala is the colour of the year 2015.

Start with these and have fun styling this accessory into your daily dressing.

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