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Small, medium or large | We bring you the three must-have bags for every woman’s closet, to cover every lifestyle need and occasion

This is one question we get asked a lot! Being women, we know just one is not enough! Having said that, and accepting the challenge, we narrowed it to 3 main categories for a more reasonable way of consuming fashion. We don’t want you to be bored of an item you invest in or one that will look outdated a few years after. Neither are we moving away from the classics. But there is no need to break your bank for the “it’’ bag, as the trend changes every season. Our categories are based on the usage you will get out of the bags you invest in. Our take is, every woman’s closet should have 3 bags -one big, one medium and one small. These cover your day, week, month and even year(s)!

Denim jacket street style – Jean jackets
Isabel Marant street style

Big Hand Bag | This is a bag that is your daily companion – be it work, running errands, taking your kids to school or simply attending lectures. Hence, the thought process behind this has to be very careful. Keep two things in mind: the colour you invest in should be solid. It can be black (our all-time favourite), brown, or navy blue. These colours are versatile to pair with daily outfits. The styles can vary from hobo to totes, hand held to shoulder bags. Second point is to invest in a good leather bag. Leather ages beautifully and will not let you down if you opt for casual or semi-formal attires.

Our favorites are the shoulder bag or a hand-held satchel

Medium sized Hand Bag | This bag can be more of a fun bag as your functional item is taken care of. When selecting one, you can opt for different textures, styles and shapes in prints, fabrics, studs, chains, among an endless list of varieties available today. The point is incorporating a fun element in this category as this one is mainly for your day outings like a coffee date or a luncheon with friends. You don’t have to limit yourself with this bag and we call it the flamboyant piece of your closet. Our favourites are a shoulder bag or a hand-held satchel.

pink street style

Small Hand Bag | Here you have to keep two things in mind: this is the investment in which you will only carry essentials. It can be a cross body, a clutch or the mini classics versions seen on every designers runway in Spring Summer 2014/15. Second, go for more classic shapes with minimalist texture. It can be a square or rectangular clutch or a round and fluid cross body. A small bag in your closet will be your go-to piece for the night and sticking with the minimalist approach will give you more mileage.

So here we go ladies, whatever your lifestyle, whatever your budget and whatever your tastes – there is one for all of us out there.

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