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All the world’s a stage with the Little Black Dress | You can’t go wrong with an LBD, no matter how hard you try

The Little Black Dress (LBD) has transcended time. And generations. To call it the most important fashion invention ever, would not be wrong. Immortalized in the motion picture Breakfast at Tiffany’s by the glamorous Audrey Hepburn, the LBD has been a head-turning favorite. It continues to rule over our psyche and wardrobe as the quintessential attire for the woman of spark, sophistication and substance. There once existed a time where black bore the burden of mourning. It was not until the 1920’s, when visionary designer Coco Chanel turned the color on its head and it became a ‘uniform’ of celebration. Darkness was forgotten, nay, conquered by black. And the Little Black Dress became a symbol of liberation and hope. Once the weed of World War II had been cut and the flower of fashion blossomed, it was none other than the LBD that shone the brightest. The LBD guide to fashion shows you the evolution of the century 


Coco Chanel | Vintage LBD | An ode to classy. Complete with strings of pearls, lace gloves and the quintessential Chanel hat.

Holly Golightly | The forever LBD | Must-have for every style Goddess. Complete with black pumps, sky-high bun and a tiara to bring the point home.

Carrie Bradshaw | Avant Garde LBD | Fashion essential for every Diva. Complete with caught in a whirlpool hair, high heels and an attitude to match.

Rihanna | A leap in LBD. Spontaneous and spunky. Complete with sheer stockings, boots, chunky diamond bracelet and unconventional hair!



Are you thinking, what gave the LBD its power to stay? Reassuring, with the distinctiveness of being comfortable and chic simultaneously. It was the fairy godmother’s dress incarnate, a ‘go to’ dress, couture’s agony aunt.” LBD has attained a cult status and it’s hard to imagine a Little Red Dress or a Little Orange Dress without flinching. Black, the color itself, is of a forgiving nature. At least in fashion.



“Everywhere!”, if you ask its patrons. But, as Orwell said, “Some ways are more true than the others”, the LBD is essentially an evening or cocktail dress. It gives supreme meaning to style. It has the ability to appear complete in itself with or without jewellery. Minimalism is the key to a perfect LBD evening. Let a string of pearls fall around your neck or in teardrops in your ears and you can be the cynosure of all eyes. The length of your LBD determines the choice of your footwear. The fashionable French say that the longer the dress, the higher the heels and vice versa.


Give a girl the Little Black Dress and watch her conquer the world! This statement from Marilyn Monroe’s is something that resides in the depths of every girl’s heart. After all, it’s little, it’s black and it’s a dress. What’s not to love?

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