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Here is how you can flaunt the ‘IT’ accessory of the season

Henna/mehendi has taken a slight detour from traditional customs to become one of the coolest modern accessories this summer. How, you ask? As exotic henna tattoos. From Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to the red carpet, celebs are adorning these tattoos as style statements. What makes them popular is their temporary coat and the freedom to be as creative with the designs as you want to be. Tempted to try? Here’s how you can sport and flaunt henna tattoos this summer:

Show some skin. Summer equals vacation and most of us head to the beaches. What better accessory on bare skin than a cool mehendi tattoo? Whether you wear a halter top, a summer dress or your swimsuit, parts of your skin are bare while you are on the beach. These tattoos are perfect for such times. Enough of the beach jewellery, now try a henna tattoo around your ankle, shoulder, lower back or belly button and watch heads turn.

 lulu dk temporary tattoos accessories

Get creative with designs. There is no limit when it comes to mehendi tattoos. One can experiment with designs depending on where you are applying it. The design can be small or big, meaningful or random, defined or abstract – it’s temporary so you can experiment as much as you want. Florals, geometric, aztec, quotes and abstract symbols are some of the most popular designs in henna tattoos. You can also take inspiration from Rihanna’s wrist and hand tattoo and get one that looks like jewellery – absolutely stunning!

rihanna fenty Henna tattoo

Go a step further. Since henna tattoos are all about experimenting, why not go a step further? We strongly suggest you go for something unconventional. Henna tattoos in metallic colours like gold, silver and bronze are all the rage right now. You can even paste artificial gems and add sparkles in different colours in your henna design to add some bling. From Gwen Stefani, Kylie Jenner to Madonna, a number of pop icons have explored and worn mehendi tattoos. It’s your turn now!

chrisspy henna – Henna tattoo accessories

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