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You’ve got your suitcases out, but don’t know where to start! We give you the ultimate packing list that will help you travel in style

If only you could carry your world along with you. But we’ve been taught to travel light with only a few comfy essentials in tow. Does comfortable mean you discard your chic wardrobe? Hell, no! Whether you are backpacking around the world or planning to lounge under the sun, these travel basics have got you covered

vacation dress

Hats and more hats| Nothing screams V-A-C-A-Y, than a big floppy chapeau perched on your head. Just remember to pick a travel hat which can be easily folded down with your luggage, without losing its shape and structure.

Gilet | It may sound like your razor (which is a must too, for pulling out a last minute hair-y mishap), but this sleeveless coat (or tailored vest) is your ideal holiday companion. Pick up a denim vest for a casual laid-back style, or a long tailored gilet for a smart on-the-go elegance.

sarong bag hat

Pareo | A pareo or sarong works as a versatile garment. You can tie it around as a skirt, drape it as a cover-up, or make it into a one-shoulder dress in just a few quick knots.


Bermudas | Did you just cringe at the thought of wearing one! Well don’t because the 90s are back again and everyone is following! The hem length and fit can make all the difference (a few inches above, below or right across the knee). Just don’t go for flinching skin-tight versions and look like a sartorial disaster from the 90s.

luggage bag and travel accessories

Crossbody Satchel | A hybrid of the casual cross-body bag and the good ol’ spacious satchel to keep all your essentials handy. It works as an adorable arm-candy for your chic getaways and is easy on the eyes as well (RIP fanny packs *phew*).

summer travel bag

Sunglasses | Dark colored lenses are great for everyday wear, but if you are trekking in the snow, look for lighter colored lenses to enhance visibility.

Wrap dress | When DVF conceived the wrap dress to make women feel free and sexy, we couldn’t agree more. It drapes perfectly on all body types, hides unflattering bits, and as DVF puts it and we quote “you can get out of it in less than a minute”.

Stripes | Stripes are basically the new neutrals in your wardrobe. And they make an appearance every season in fun, colourful versions. So don’t forget to pack a basic striped t-shirt or an off-shoulder dress too add some nautical flair to your style.

Jane Birkin basket style fashion
skin care beach essentials

Sunscreen/Moisturiser | I can survive without these, said no woman ever. So what if you are on a break, your skin is not resting. And you need them both, a good sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) for sun-protection and a moisturiser to keep your skin nourished.

The rain wrap | It’s a must lest you encounter an untimely downpour. Just simply throw it on your regular attire and you are ready to combat the weather come what may. It’s less bulky, one size fits all and you don’t have to carry a fully-loaded rain gear with you.

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