My Style

The best guide to your style personality we’ve seen | Take the quiz to find out

Do you find yourself at a loss during a sale or unsure of which new season arrivals are worth the splurge? You just can’t seem to decide if you should experiment with trends or update your classics. You envy women whose style seems effortless and consistently attractive. Whether they have a style uniform or evolve a new look every other season, they seem to know exactly what pieces complete and complement their personal style.

What if we tell you that shopping could become much more fun if you knew your style personality? This quiz from The Cut, NY Mag’s style section, reveals different aspects of your style persona. There is a reason why you gravitate toward flared pants while everyone else is trying the boyfriend jeans. Or why an everyday uniform makes so much sense for your style. It could be that you are an MCRI (Minimalist/Consistent/Romantic/Individualistic). This quiz really breaks it down analytically – let us know what you got in the comments section below.

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