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Indira Gandhi, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Jane Austen, and Margaret Thatcher knew what they liked

Sitting at the counter, she orders a glass of 18-year old Glenmorangie. Swilling the glass in her hand, she sniffs in the complex aromas of hay and dry oak. She takes a delicate sip and savours the full-body of the single malt, with its hint of sweetness.


A whisky lady is all about the long deep conversations

Relishing its complex finish and elegant bouquet, she pulls out her tablet and steadily gazes at the meeting schedule for tomorrow. She takes another swig and savours the moment. Her moment of unwinding.

Women are actively developing a taste for whisky; a drink first distilled in 15th century Scotland and once considered a medicinal substance. In a world of equal opportunity and correspondingly equivalent sexes, women are throwing out their mixers and cocktails and delving into the world of malts and whisky.


It all comes down to respite, recreation and rejuvenation. Women may want to dance to the tunes, but they also want to tap their feet, sink into sofa’s or have a tête-à-tête over alcohol. It is a revolution of sorts, a mutiny over male dominion and profligacy.

Let’s face it, women wear the figurative pants when it comes to quality and choice and are more than adept to discern and appreciate the complex flavour and finish of each distinct whiskey. In a fast paced, no-nonsense world, women need to kick back and relax too. Nothing like a good book, a comfy chair and a soothing tipple at the end of a protracted day, be it at home or office. They are increasingly looking for stimulation in drinking and the experience behind it.


Whisky is as diverse as the people who drink it, the famous ones being from Scotland, Ireland, Canada and America. Whisky can be further classified as single malt or blended, the former being from a single distillery and the latter a mix of different malts. Single malts are best enjoyed neat or with a dash of lukewarm water. Whisky can be had with water, ice or in a wide variety of cocktails – Manhattan, Suburban and Rob Roy to name a few. It’s all about flavour, letting your nose direct you to your predilection, sipping delicately at it, discerning the whisky’s personage and then leaving the rest to its insatiable charm.


A whisky is, at the end of the day, a reflection of its patron. A whisky lady is all about the long deep conversations. She can walk into a club in faded jeans and still draw a crowd. She may not be able to arm wrestle a man, but can get another to do so for her. She’s a philosopher, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a homemaker and a musician. She is all that she wants to be. The sky may be the limit for others, but that is where she flourishes. She is all about the experience of the drink and not just the drinking itself.

And if we should be so tactless in saying, “Bottoms up Ladies”, it only means that you should gulp down that last splash of amber so that you can enliven your next glass.

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