The founder of Arttd’inox talks about stainless steel, the new material trending in kitchens

Arttd’inox, meaning “art of stainless steel,” is known for its excellent forms in stainless steel table ware and home décor products in India. The brand is known for redefining the dimensions of traditional stainless steel in India by creatively combining it with various other materials. We sat down with the Mrs. Deepika Jindal, the founder of Arttd’inox, to get her thoughts on the trend


Why do you feel stainless steel is irreplaceable, as a material

Since stainless steel is hygienic, easy to maintain, and absorbs high temperatures, certain appliances are very well suited for this material. This inherent suitability to its makes it a recurring trend that will remain for decades.


How do you feel Arttd’inox stands out as a brand

We are constantly innovating and creating different lines of products. The purpose of the company was to make stainless steel much more acceptable, valued and admired. That is why, we are the most prominent players in the market.


How can one use stainless steel to elevate their kitchen decor

Stainless steel is created for the area required. You need to mix it well with other materials, so that its properties are useful, as well and the aesthetic sense of the place is maintained. You don’t have to use the material everywhere. The material goes really well with other materials like glass, wood or ceramic. If you are looking to create an interior space with an aesthetic purpose in mind, it really does enhance the beauty of the area.


What would you recommend as the top 3 products to invest in from Arttd’inox

An Arttd’inox modular kitchen is one of the biggest investments that one would benefit from. We create 100% stainless steel kitchens in the market. It is most suitable as a material because of its quality finish. We have got a range of products that have an Indian flavour and have an international appeal as well. Products like the tea set, the dinner range and serving platter are topical and feasible.


What should we look forward to in 2016

We are working a lot with crafts now. We want to promote Indian handicrafts and blend them with stainless steel. Craftsmen from different parts of India like dobra work or inlay marble inlay work, which we want to incorporate in a modern and aesthetic way. We plan to bring out young Indian creativity and values that we are known for, in the best way possible.

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