Lush planters and open-plan spaces are your go-to accessories for 2016, says London-based interior designer Shalini Misra

CONNECT WITH NATURE | Narrative symbolic references to nature, which allow us a moment to reflect, pause and enjoy, will have an influence in 2016. These could be achieved through patterns on wallpapers and carpets and lush large planters incorporated into interiors. Direct reference to nature with natural materials, such as cork, are being used increasingly for wallcoverings and throughout interiors. Paint colours and murals create a visual feast especially on the ceiling, walls and floors.


OPEN-PLAN SPACES | In my opinion, in the conceptualization of residential spaces there will also be a shift towards open plan spaces with sliding doors to allow flexible living and to create privacy when needed. This will mark a return to the use of more decorative doors, sleek monochromatic door designs are now looking too plain. Patterns and interesting details are being used more and designing for small spaces will also lead to the increase use of multi-functional furniture.


QUIRKY & COLOURFUL | Minimalistic and zen interiors are outdated and will be replaced with fun, quirky interiors. Using bursts of colour, modern accessories and accents create unusual interest and charm such as the hand towel holders in New York apartments and the African inspired printed fabric used as wallpaper in one of SML’s London interiors. There has been an overload of rose gold and copper metallic accents in the past year so a more muted softer palette, such as pastels, will probably prevail. Using patterns or varying textures on every surface in one room is now totally do-able.

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