An advocate of ethical fashion and normcore, designer Nimish Shah talks about his label SHIFT and what’s in store for 2016

Your style resolutions for 2016

I look a crossover of a school boy and divorced dad so I have to clean up my normcore act.2How did you fall into the fashion industry |My family craft is textile printing, thus, I always had a subconscious nudge towards textiles and fashion. After working with brands like Burberry and Chloé, I started my label ‘SHIFT’ in 2011.

Why is sustainable fashion important for a consumer and a seller today | Fashion is on a fast paced treadmill that is exhausting quickly. The impact it has on the environment is humongous. Sustainable fashion is a matter of perspective. The sustainability cycle has severe impacts environmentally and socially. One can create an impactful design by not having to use non-sustainable sources.

Do you design with a specific woman in mind

It’s more for an old soul character. That doesn’t imply old in age only. Even if you are sixteen, but if you are old soul at heart, the clothes would have a certain appeal for you.


A piece of advice you wish you had when you started

The biggest advice I got was that you need to spend at least a year around before you start your own company. But don’t take too long because an idea is only relevant before somebody else does it. The world is so much smarter now, if people give you attention, you have to look arrived.

Success to Nimish Shah is

Acknowledgement. It feels nice when customers come up and tell me that they still wear a dress that they had bought 2 years ago. It goes beyond rendering a service and a product.

5 things you always carry when you travel

A moisturiser, basic wardrobe essentials, a photo ID, a travel sweater and, for some weird reason, I always have a USB stick.

2 things you would give to every woman if you could

Invest in the right underwear through the professional fitting, and not assume their sizes. A classic white/indigo shirt and a good pair of denims.

And a note to end: If you want to invest in SHIFT, we recommend the Peasant Tunic Pyjama Set.

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