Industrial designer Ritika Nanda gives us three picks from her ‘decorative lights of the crazy kind’

An accessory designer from NIFT, Ritika Nanda explored various design fields including jewelry and interiors, before settling into the field of lighting with her Mother Gone Mad design studio. She mashes up industrial, retro vintage, trash chic, contemporary boho and the surreal with a touch of theatre. She gives us the top three picks from her “decorative lights of the crazy kind”.

Decorative room lights

FUNNY LEGS | WHAT IT IS | A floor lamp with wooden base and hand-embroidered cross-stitch shade with a printed lining.

THE CONCEPT | Funny Legs is a tripod lamp with a twist. It has one leg detailed with a moulded silhouette accented with a splash of bright pink to contrast with the fresh lime yellow, which envelopes the rest of the base. To top this exciting base is a hand-embroidered cross-stitch shade reviving memories of your needlework assignments at school. Turn the light on and yet another layer of design-a floral lining, invisible when the light is off-shines through.

HOW TO USE IT | The obvious choice for this lamp would be in a girl’s bedroom, but I would actually love it in a formal living room where everything is usually so serious, just to add that element of personality, disclosing a tiny little bit of me to the world.

The cycle-stand forms one side of the lamp & connects with “charpai” and the street barber’s chair


THE CONCEPT: Available in black, red and blue, the ceramic caps fit perfectly over a giant filament bulb. Visually, it looks more like a glass globe and less like a bulb due to its scale and proportion. I love its simplicity; it has elegance without being boring and is the kind of light that winks at you from behind an evening dress. The electric cord becomes part of the pendant, black for graphic monotone or color to highlight the space.
HOW TO USE IT: I would imagine them as singles over a bedside or as a cluster over a dining or living area. The light can lend itself to becoming a central chandelier in the center of the room or subtly add sleekness to a corner space.

Light fixture

CYCLE-STAND | WHAT IT IS | A table lamp, with a base in wood and metal with a woven vinyl shade.
THE CONCEPT: Look at the lamp and the first thing that hits you is the scale. This large graphic table lamp uses familiar Indian flavors out of their usual context. The cycle-stand forms one side of the lamp. I love the combination of this with the woven shade, evoking connections with the “charpai” and the street barber’s chair. Yes, it’s the same material. The words are both Indian and familiar, yet the sentence is international and radical. That’s the power of design and the fun of creativity!
HOW TO USE IT: I would imagine this in a casual space- a TV room, a home office or over a thin entrance foyer table, standing near a pile of design books.

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