A Review Of Nira Kehar’s Cookbook ‘Ojas’

‘Ojas: A Cookbook - Modern Recipes and Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Ayurveda’ by Nira Kehar is a great cookbook to understand the essentials of an Ayurveda based diet, and ways to marry the nutritious with the appetising.

With an engaging introduction that breaks down the ancient science into easily digestible nuggets, Nira Kehar’s cookbook tailors the gastronomy of modern cooking to the five Ayurvedic elements. The author and chef’s personal culinary journey underscores the importance of Ayurveda in her life; the book is her take on the ancient wisdom.

It offers a detailed breakdown of the three dosha or energies that guide our bodies. A test allows for personalised cooking experiences, built to nurture your physical constitution. Decrypt your ruling dosha to navigate the list of ingredients that work best for you.

Ojas is further tailored to seasonal temperaments with chapters on each of the zodiac signs, to help you understand not only your bodily needs but those of the seasons.

Thinking of Ayurveda and food makes one believe that this will be a journey to wellness that leaves the taste buds behind. This is where the cookbook truly shines with unusual flavour combinations for truly delectable experiences - Chickpea Flour Crepes with Enoki Mushrooms and Yogurt Cream anyone? With recipes for those who love their meat, this inclusive guide allows you to enjoy every healthy bite.

A beautifully curated book with stunning photographs, eat with your eyes before you embark on taste combinations that will enliven your palate!

Nira Kehar, a native of Montreal, Canada, attended culinary school in Québec, before embarking on a decade-long culinary journey in India. She was the chef-owner of New Delhi's French brasserie Chez Nini, and a collaborator on multiple food projects for different organisations, notably India Art Fair. Her first book, an art book about storytelling through food, Eating Stories, was created for an event she hosted at the James Beard Foundation in 2014.




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