A monochrome palette can be extremely interesting for home décor ideas, here’s why

Planning on painting the whole house red or with shades of it? Do it. Monochrome palettes are inspiring for home décor, and one of the freest ways to bring about a new vibe to the house. But do keep in mind the furniture settings, the flooring and the angles at which the accents are placed, which could change the dynamics of the interiors. Here are a few inspirational ways to go all monochrome in your home 

Monochrome and minimalistic design

Play with neutrals. Neutral accents add layers to the room against a certain monochromatic texture on the walls. You could have accents in cast brass and gold polish or maybe jute and marble to bring in multiple intriguing elements to the home.

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Vibrant yellows | A splash of radiant yellow on the walls livens up every dark nook and corner of the house. It looks especially stunning in rooms that get plenty of natural light. Wooden furnishings would be the best fit to have around 

Emerald green home décor

The envious greens | The shade of green in lighter tones can just run amok and play magic with the color wheel, blending itself in the zing of things and sprucing up the ambiance. Not just the monochromatic walls but the white curtains and wall accents, along with a bedspread in a dull olive green can lend a resplendent feel to the bedroom. Cool, calming and inviting, a shade of green can be extremely soothing.

Purple bedroom décor- Purple room, purple curtains

Captivating purples | Soft purples like mauve, lilac and lavender are cool shades that can blend into the ambiance. Enhance them with white bedspreads and a black textured focal wall and warm lighting. Geometric wall designs, cool colored satin cushions and pillows, sleek marble floors in pale whites and transparent blinds to set the mood—a touch of purple can be quite serene.

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Versatile blues | Versatile shades of blue infuse calm and coolness into homes. A fresh shade of blue in matte tones can blend in with the glossy neutral tones of the wall accents and furnishings. A white ceiling can add tremendous charm to it. Turquoise, from the blue palette, is inspired by European aesthetics. If you desire to paint the walls turquoise, balance the accents with touches of neutrals- browns, blacks, and grays-in furnishings.

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