It looks straight out of a scene from a fantasy epic movie maybe, where the reels have frozen time and everything for a moment stood still.

It looks straight out of a scene from a fantasy epic movie maybe, where the reels have frozen time and everything for a moment stood still. As we walk down the alleys of Chattarpur, New Delhi, our meandering path takes us through the overlooking grand old towering tivolis and the once famous banquet halls. We stop bang in the middle of Jonpur village, where the old world charm still exists and are greeted by a misty blue door- the entrance of an haveli now a chic haunt for the crème de la crème and lovers of uber-lifestyle desires.

Did we discover a treasure chest | While historians have waxed eloquent of the saga of this very haveli; the grandeur it once was known for and held, today we discover Serendipity. A conceptual lifestyle cove, which imbibes the elegance of a grand old haveli and yet with a chic modern touch, fresh painted walls, ornate doors towering in feisty red hues, landscaped courtyards and the sun rays beaming through the stained glass doors, sending us into a tizzy- a different magical world altogether. Perfect to make the retail minded consumer excited and curios at the same time.

A unique Travel inspired Concept Store | Most say it is a concept store and some say it is a lifestyle store, but what we see here is a beautiful grand old dame restored to her pristine beauty, and all thanks to Kuldeep Kaur. Kuldeep has been the curator, the brain that gave birth to this sensual haunt, which also has a sprawling rooftop café, overlooking the expanse of the beautiful Mehrauli town.


So what is Serendipity about | A lifestyle store that promotes retail, a place where soft furnishings to retail, furniture to clothes, and everything a lifestyle fashionista would want under one label is sold here. A walk amidst the large walled rooms of the haveli shows us how everything is curated, designed and produced, even retailed here; it is all in-house to say so. One look around, and the ambience has the best of innovative trends and fashion being showcased.

Seven rooms of pure bliss | With seven rooms to the lifestyle concept store, showcasing various products around, namely, bespoke furnishings, women’s couture, baby wear, bedding and duvets, chunky jewelry pieces and linen to cushions as well, the desi Indian aesthetics well-maintained with motifs strewn around, sets you in the mood to pick, choose and buy. The diwans around the hall caught our fancy, along with the high beds and baby cots, ottomans and tables. And should you want them as well, getting them customized all the way is what Kuldeep encourages wholeheartedly.


About Kuldeep Kaur | Kuldeep Kaur, the brain behind Serendipity, New Delhi has over two decades of designing home textiles and furnishings under her belt, and she has been dappling with the international markets for a very long time too. As a founder of Serendipity, Kuldeep Kaur showcases her penchant for interior décor, mise en scene love and travel galore, and all under one roof beautifully curated- choicest of picks from around the world.

Events happen here too | Kuldeep Kaur loves creativity, innovation and the free spirited imagination to flow forth, which is why apart from being a concept or a lifestyle haunt, Serendipity also encourages shows and events, musicians and artists to come and perform at the haveli. One can rent the magnamous rooms for creativity only, and if you are a designer, an artist, a painter or a musician alike, the halls welcome you with utmost warmth.

To host an exhibition here is an honor to many, and should you want a temporary liquor license as well to help the guests make merry while the event is on, Serendipity gets that in line too. the next time around when you need a vibrant touch for your interiors at home or maybe want to host an exhibition, there’s one name that calls to the soul like no one else can- SERENDIPITY, NEW DELHI!


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