Quirky and fun podcasts for work and working out

From sleekly produced shows by radio veterans to obscure labours of love, the range of podcasts to listen to is mind-boggling. True crime that keeps you on tenterhooks or sharp political commentary? Conversations on art and music or personal stories of love, travel and food? The list is endless. We bring you some of our favourites spanning crime, politics, travel and culture:

Tip Off           
Take a dramatic behind-the-scenes look into investigative journalism as veteran Maeve McClenaghan interviews fellow journalists. Listen with suspense as they describe the sensational tip offs and the sleuthing that went into their biggest headlines. From car chases to shady meetings in terrorist cells, get a satisfyingly dramatic peek into current events like the Panama Papers affair.

This podcast is for autumnal evenings with an open fire and the dog by your feet. Delve into an ode to the cultural past. Listen to a group of smart and funny people dissect favourites from The Big Lebowski and You’ve Got Mail to The Devil Wears Prada and Michael Clayton for a trip down cinematic memory lane. 

Adam Buxton Podcast        
The premise for British comedian Adam Buxton's show is beguilingly simple: he talks to people. Of course the tiny difference is that Buxton’s chats involve everyone from Louis Theroux and Edgar Wright to Zadie Smith and Brian Eno. With such a diverse guest list, expect to be surprised every episode.

The Musafir Stories
The Musafir Stories’s unique intervention forgoes a single host for multiple voices. Vicariously join fellow travellers as they journey into the heart of Maharashtra’s jungles or explore the beaches of Kochi. With accounts of road trips and luxury getaways, there is something for anyone hoping to explore our country virtually!

Getting Curious
It’s a true pleasure to feel the bright energy that Jonathan Van Ness, from Netflix’s breakout hit Queer Eye, infuses into his show. Ness’s sheer breadth of interests - art, social media, the opioid crisis in America and China - regaled with sunny optimism makes for an easy hour of listening on the drive to work.

Are you a travel junkie or a budding critic? Try them all to find out!

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