Gucci, Tom Ford, and Burberry bring lipsticks that are lovely and luscious

To look after your beauty enthusiastic soul and your expectations for realistic beauty; the ramp of fashion is now accompanied by their own beauty collections. Yes, you read that right! Now you can be a Gucci girl head-to-toe with lustrous Gucci lips. Not only Gucci, joining the bandwagon are Burberry and Tom Ford presenting an intense collection of bolder than bold lipsticks – with them it’s time to become the observant soul and explore the diverse phases of your beauty.

Let’s enter the lipstick world!


May we say that Gucci beauty once became invisible in the beauty world, but thanks to our beauty gods 2019 seems like a gift for all the makeup lovers (including us) because Gucci is now in its full form with a number of launches slated for the year. We picked up their latest and best lipsticks to match your fierce expectations.

Gucci 25 Goldie Red | A classic creation by the creative director of Gucci delivers a creamy formula that spreads the true ’80s Hollywood vibes – you will go from chic to glam in just a dash of colour and you can even use this lipstick as blush to own a chic flush. The vintage-inspired theme of the packaging just adds to the Hollywood vibes. Buy Now

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Gucci 301 Mae Coral | 301 Mae Coral is the perfect vibrant yet a dignified lipstick of the Gucci Beauty collection and is known for its perfect formula of Rouge à Lèvres Voile. It’s one of those lipsticks that take care of your lips owing to the heavy duty moisturizing ingredients. Dipped in fruity scent it gives a tasteful feel and the luminous shine of this precious beauty is something that will make you embrace your hidden charm. Buy Now


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To serve a bunch of occasions and to make your lips look fuller, Burberry beauty brings in a unique, textured lipstick collection christened as Burberry Kisses – Burberry’s first long-lasting liquid lip lacquer with a glossy, laminated finish to give an effortless recognition to your lips. The dreamy and versatile shades of the collection would lure you to be a ‘lipstick person’, if you are not already! Have a look below at our favourite picks from the collection.


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Burberry Creamy Rose 07 | The dusky pink colour and the moisturizing goodness of this product will make you swirl – it is gel-like glossy, long-lasting, and heavenly soft. Plus, it contains sunflower seed and ginger root extract as well which undoubtedly doubles the benefit. Buy Now

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Burberry Dark Russet 45 | This shade is a real gem owing to its non-drying formula – made for the days when red feels a little too bright and nude makes you feel even more dull, in between is the unconventional rusty shade you’d love carrying day-to-night. Buy Now

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Tom Ford spreads honour and beauty to support LGBTQIA+ community with its new collection of lipsticks, Extreme Lip Spark. These high voltage lipsticks uplifted the pride with colourful fluids of creativity and art. In absolutely no time, the ultra-metallic shades from Tom Ford’s collection have become a covetable collection for all the makeup souls – it is gluten-free, contains mineral oils, and includes the negligible amount of synthetic fragrance (even less than 1%). Let’s explore Tom Ford’s Extreme Lip Spark.


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Lip Spark Clash | Modern Glamour, when mixed with luxurious quality, yields the finest of golden-red glittery lipstick – a lipstick that your inner fierce lady really deserves. Finally, you have a shade that impersonates your maximalist beauty choices. Buy Now

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Thrust | Another favourite from the collection is the coral-brown shade that is well-suited for almost any attire you’d like to don – whether you go for a party in a vibrant dress or you stroke it on your lips with a full-blown cotton sharara. Buy Now

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With so many lipsticks on the must-buy list, we suggest buying a new beauty trove (Wink!)

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