Tiffany & Co made charms a must-have fashion accessory in 1889, starting a tradition for a generation

A charm bracelet is the most personal gift you can give yourself or to someone close. These had a fashion moment in 1889 when Tiffany and Co. introduced their first charm bracelet-a link bracelet with a single dangling heart. It remains an iconic piece from the brand till today. Available in numerous designs, and metals (even glass), charm bracelets have undeniable merits.

Since it’s a piece you add on over a period of time, you don’t have to spend a lot in one go

They are first on the list when investing in classic fashion items and never go out of style. So start your precious jewellery collection with one.
Charm bracelets make a perfect gift for someone close-lover, friend, daughter, mother, sister, etc., as they are a personal expression of how you feel or mark a special event in your lives.
Since it’s a piece you add on over a period of time, you don’t have to spend a lot in one go.


It can be an heirloom piece worn with pride and passed down from one generation to another. Make it your little own tradition.

You can add charms that represent your favourite hobbies, interests, significant events, holiday souvenirs and even beliefs. Remember the bracelet matures with age, increasing in the number of charms and sentimental value.

Traditionally, there were two times a woman would receive a charm bracelet; as a young girl and for her marriage. Thankfully, that dull tradition is redundant now. With the possibility of building a “lifetime” jewellery item in your closet, we should all have at least one of this charming ornament.

Significant Charms
Heart-shaped: Love (for those in love or wish to fall in love)
Champagne bottle: Celebration
Star: Your wish is granted
Suitcase: Travel and adventure await you
High-heeled shoes: Glamour (and that you are a shoe person)
Ballerina: Dreams becoming reality
Key: Happy home, happy memories in a home

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