Don’t Pack Away Last Year’s Clothes Yet


These trends from 2018 will follow you into the New Year

Our fashion-brimming heads love the novelty each season brings with it. The frequent changes keep us amply amused to sail through the more mundane realities of life. At the same time though, it’s comforting to be able to use pieces we have already developed a relationship with. And going by the 2019 fashion trend forecast, we’re going to have a sweet opportunity to enter the new year holding close some 2018 favourites.

Photo credits (from left to right): Valentino (Pre-Fall 2019) from WWD; Givenchy (Spring 2019) from WWD; Fendi(Spring 2019) from WWD

Dancing to the melody of accordion pleats | We’d like this trend to stay around forever – the blouses, shoes and any other paraphernalia around it may keep coming in rotations, but the classic accordion pleat midi skirt (or pants for that matter) is too flattering to let go of. We’re glad it’s going to be as ubiquitous in 2019 as it was in 2018, if not more.


Photo credits: Fendi(Spring 2019) from WWD

The world is in my pockets | Keep your cargo pants on! The pockets will stay big in 2019, making handbag-free days an achievable reality. A new addition to the utility trend is going to be belt bags – and we’re sure you have those too tucked away somewhere in your closet.

Photo credits (from left to right): Marc Jacobs (Spring 2019) from WWD; Valentino (Spring 2019) from WWD; Valentino (Spring 2019) from WWD

Lose yourself in those sleeves | Big sleeves aren’t taking your leave any time soon. Revel some more in the romance of those puffs, ruffles and bells. We know it’s true when Marc Jacobs shows his love for statement sleeves by creating their most exaggerated avatar ever. And don’t we love Valentino’s flowy, doll-like take on them?

Photo credits: Dior (Spring 2019) from WWD

Pastels make me angelic | There’s a pastel to appeal to traditional femininity; there’s a pastel to appeal to gender fluidity; there’s a pastel for them all. These soothing colours charmed us through the whole of 2018 from spring to fall; delightfully so, they will be the heroes of the 2019 fashion scene as well – so say Dior and many others.

Are you as happy as we are to see a repeat of these fabulous trends in 2019? Is there any other favourite from the last year that you would want to continue seeing around?

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