Trendy, chic and very easy to manage, master this romantic hairstyle

From fishtail, bedhead to loose, halo styles, braids have been trending since F/W 15, largely because of the overall taste for romance, signaled by soft, flowing silhouettes on the runway. This spring, we’ll see more hair getting slicked tight and plaited down the back with a “go-anywhere, do-anything” attitude. Here’s how you can be on-trend with bohemian braids for modern romance


Crowning glory

For their 30th anniversary presentation, Hervé Léger paired his beautifully structured pieces with a braided crown pony for a powerful look.
How to do it | Partition the hair into three zones – the front, the sides and the back. Middle partition the front and combine the sides along with it to form two long braids. When done, curl it upwards to form a crown on the skull, securing it with pins. The hair at the back hanging loose should be rolled neatly into a bun and secured with pins just below the crowned braids.


Knots and braids

Effortless and chic, with edgy makeup the hairstyle stand out as regal and classy. Our favorite part of this look? It is a quick fix for the days when your hair is not washed.
How to do it | Divide the hair into two portions – the front and the back.With the help of styling products and a crimping machine, crimp the hair that falls loose at the back. The front should be braided into three lengthwise portions, keeping it messy all the while. Curl each portion into a messy knot and place the braid on the crown area of the head. Secure it with a bobby pin and voila! You are ready!


A crunchy boho updo

A trend kicked off by Lauren Conrad’s first-ever runway show in NYFW SS 2016 to Creatures of Comfort Fall 2016, models were seen wearing their hair in gorgeously undone halo braids. Multiple braids tied into a chic updo is classy but casual. (Not sure who wore the trend – LC or the models?)
How to do it | Divide the hair into two portions – front with more hair and the back with less. Take the front portion of the left temple zone and create a thick braid, sweeping it to the nape of the neck to the right over the crown of the head. With the hair at the back, create a low bun and with the swept braid securing the look.


Baby braids

From Baja East Fall 2016 to Desigual and Sally Lapointe Fall 2016, this season the models hit the catwalk in braided styles that paired well with psychedelic looks. Simple and chic, the look can be worn during concerts and music festivals.
How to do it |Divide your hair into a middle partition, with three thin braids created on each side and hanging loose. At the back, make another three braids, just as you did on each side of the head. The remaining hair should be left crunchy and loose with the help of styling products.

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