The brands realise their importance and so do you | Classic or whimsical, make a personal style statement with monograms

Call it self-obsession or marking your territory, but we are in love with the rise and rise of the monogram. Once associated with royalty and hotel accessories, the monogram has traveled a long way from your grandmother’s handkerchiefs and your father’s stationery. It’s a sign of exclusivity, a step to distinguish you from the crowd, your personal bespoke identity.

Whether you brazenly flaunt it or conceal it within discreet layers, your monogram defines your personality. Take a look where you fall 

The Keeper of the Classic | You cherish the classics and know what defines one. It’s all about minimalism and austerity of timeless pieces. Just like your palate, your label should reflect a refined and polished taste. Cartier’s service offers to customize your coveted pieces. Valentino’s My Own Code clutch features a subtle custom-embossed monogram on its front-facing handle. Jimmy Choo’s monogram service lets you add a personal gold-plated monogram on the shoe sole. Gucci also helps you create your Gucci legacy pieces by adorning the bag with your initials, articulately embossed in gold.

The Whimsical and the Wild | Erratic and Eccentric! These two words describe your lifestyle, personality, and you. For those living on the wrong side of conventionality, comes Anya Hindmarch, with her witty box of monograms, critters, and now the stickers. From street signs to cheeky schoolgirl stickers, she has it all. Charlotte Olympia’s collection of ‘A-B-C shoes’, with alphabet stickers and images, lets you put your whimsical foot forward (in 52 different ways!). Louis Vuitton’s Vernis Sticker Collection comes in a variety of items, including scarves and handbags. The stickers include the Petite Malle Bag, as well as lipstick, nail polish, headphones, cars and salt and pepper shakers.


Of Vintage and Vanity | You like a sparkle of vintage in your closet. You adore the old world charm of Hollywood, the days of shimmering disco balls and all things retro. You hold on to the treasured past, cherishing each and every moment. Inspired by the original handbags favored during the 1950’s and 1960’s, Edie Parker is a collection of acrylic clutches and handbags. These chic, wearable sculptures come customized with your name embossed on them. Stubbs &Woottons’ Bespoke collection of shoe styles are reminiscent of traditional British velvet slippers. They allow you to incorporate your initials or family crest, monograms, and insignias with tongue-in-cheek innuendos.


I, Me and Myself | You are not afraid to speak your mind and neither do your accessories flinch at the same. Whether you are being modest or going all out with your views on femininity, your thoughts can be penned down in 140 characters or less (or in some cases, it takes just 3 letters, OMG?!). We are hankering for Burberry’s blanket wraps and throws (A/W 14-15) with Cara Delvingne’s initials emblazoned in front. It’s bold and can become your signature piece. Vial's custom-made card-holders and wallets will define you this season (literally!). Their design philosophy lets you personalize unique leather accessories to reflect your distinct voice (in 26 characters).

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