A kaftan is no longer anti-fashion | The queen of resort wear suits every mood and occasion


Essentially a robe, the kaftan was created to caress royal skins. In modern times, however, variations in length, cuts and fabric have showered it with unimaginable versatility. Today, the kaftan is all about lounging in luxury. Its relaxed silhouette, in delicate fabrics, makes it the queen of resort fashion. You can start your day in a kaftan, loll around the pool in a kaftan cover-up, descend for lunch in a full-length kaftan and wear it knee-length on your way to the beach party. The kaftan befits and echoes each of your moods-wild, composed or nonchalant.

Anti-fashion, so what | The kaftan is unapologetic for the bold anti-fashion statement it makes! It has been picked, abandoned and picked again by the masters of design. You can hate it, love it but just can’t let it go. Its affection-affliction aura will see designers embracing it just like it embraces them, with complete abandon and authority.


The designer kaftan | Yet, the kaftan poses a challenge for fashion designers. Apart from altering lengths, plunging necklines and higher slits it can bolt the doors of imagination. Enter patterns, textures and fabric! An amalgamation of these variants has made the kaftans the first cousin of many closets.

India’s love for kaftan | India has been in love with the kaftan for centuries. The tradition goes back even longer than our grandmothers looking absolutely huggable in their thick, woolly kaftans. Lately, the kaftan has been making blink-and-miss appearances as beach cover-ups, cocktail dresses and even glamorous night wear. But for some reason it has not been fully explored on the sub-continent.


Simple as it may seem at first, one can easily go wrong with the kaftan. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you take the plunge-the occasion, styling and length. It’s imperative to know the shape of your body and accept it with love before slipping into the kaftan. We have constructed two looks for you to choose from when you are in doubt.

Pick a simple kaftan, preferably one without an embroidered border, and pair it with flip-flops and big hoops. Go for lighter fabrics like cotton or muslin. Your ‘I am comfortable and I know it’ look will never fail to lift your spirits.


Pick a glamorous kaftan with elegant embellishments. Pair it with metallic sandals and a long, beaded necklace. We promise that the diva in you will be fluttering on cloud nine. For a dress-up look, try a solid bright color kaftan in fabrics like chiffons and silks and we are sure it will become a staple in your closet that you will revisit season after season.

This season, dive into the sensual world of kaftans. You will not be disappointed.

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