Hacks To A Daily Digital Detox

In a minefield of deadlines, appointments, traffic snarls and life lived between snatched moments, it’s no wonder that we are constantly stressed. The good news is there are many ways to unwind and rejuvenate: aromatherapy, a balanced diet, regular exercise or that occasional spa trip can help you face the pressures of modern life.

Technology has emerged as both a facilitator and hindrance to an efficient lifestyle, and for most of us, it is no longer possible to completely disconnect. In an age where work emails follow you into the sauna and social media adds pressure to create a picture perfect existence, short of returning to a time before smartphones, what’s the solution? If we cannot divorce technology, how about we embrace and personalise it? Our top tips below:

Meditation Apps:

Optimal for anyone beginning a meditation routine, it includes exercises that lead you through the practice of yoga. With a progress page and reward system, it can help you stay on track with personalisation features to suit your needs. An in-built buddy system connects you to other users, ensuring that this can be a family exercise!

With selections ranging from 3 - 25 minute sessions, this app lets you tailor relaxation into your everyday schedule. The 10-minute Daily Calm feature is a great way to begin or end your day, stress free. The app also comes with non-meditative options like breathing exercises, sleep stories and soothing sounds to help you unwind.

Simply Being
This app’s calming graphics nudges you into practicing meditation at different times in  the day. Customise the app for reminders timed to your personal schedule. With music or without, the app is not only great for meditation but can also be used as an ambient source of natural sounds, to let the pressures of the day slip by.

Timed Social Media Sessions 


AppDetox (Android)
This app lets you set your own parameters. Individualise it for each of your social media fixes and remember to put away your phone whenever you break one of your own rules!

In Moment (iOS)
The app tracks your usage and allows you to set a daily limit, notifying you when you exceed. With a setting that floods you with annoying notifications, the app can force you off your phone (literally)!

Mindful Podcasts

Meditation is a great break from a daily routine, allowing you to detox from within. Mindfulness, however, can help you meditate while you perform quotidian tasks like commuting, eating or shopping. This series, part of  The Guardian’s ‘Start Happy Campaign’, produced by Headspace shows you how:

Did you know that tuning into our different senses can help relieve stress? Listen to music as you walk through the park, let a massage work away the worries, or set a relaxing mood with the right aroma in your room!



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