Bridge the gap between you and your wardrobe | Hire a personal shopper to look and feel fabulous

Most of us are unfamiliar with the existence of this newly discovered species. However, in recent years, personal shoppers have become regular reference points and, in some cases like Maggie McQueen, Michelle Curtin, even famous. So what does a personal shopper, a PS, really do?

According to Aaron Reese, once a personal shopper at Nordstromand Bonobos, he/she is a “liaison between you and your closet…(their) job is to make connections between (wo)man and wardrobe easier by identifying trends, gauging fit and developing overall looks that work for you.” In short, your PS helps you look good. The streets in the West are filled with people who can give most international models a run for their money, but choose to sequester themselves in the offices of investment banks instead. This chic tribe is responsible for the explosive growth of personal shoppers.

Different types of personal shoppers | Personal shoppers are typically employed by department stores. Most prominent among them are Bloomingdales, Debenhams, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. A more daring breed is the independent personal shopper. She will typically start small, bank on her personal contacts, rely on referrals (as do most of them) and can be easily spotted in cities like New York, London, Paris, LA, Miami and Boston.

Ask plenty of questions, from maintenance of clothes to brands that look best on your body type

PS Online | Shopping is turning into an online experience. Retailers have jumped the bandwagon and some employ personal shoppers to offer their customers buying/style tips. They help customers choose the right style, the right clothes, information on discounts and, in the case of a global/international shopper, even shipping it across the seven seas.

Looking for a PS | If you are serious about dressing well, have reasons and occasions to do so but not enough time, finding a PS is your starting point. Here is advice from Aaron Reese, an ex-personal shopper, for those planning to use the services of a PS:
Never bring in a third person during the session; “third wheel only adds friction”.
Ask plenty of questions, from maintenance of clothes to brands that look best on your body type.

PS in India | We are still virgin territory for personal shoppers. The one name that stands out for its professionalism and accuracy is Shreya Dhingra’s, founder of Your Image and I. Her company offers an eight-step process for clients looking to update/enhance their wardrobe and personal style. Another name to swear by is Puneet Dua, helping rich Indians shop. When asked what makes him tick, he says matter-of-factly, “They enjoy shopping with me because I also give them the story behind a product.”
With more and more Indians aiming for the perfect look, personal shoppers seem to be perfect solution.

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