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With winter upon us, signaling the comfort of warm blankets, roaring fires and toasty socks, summer seems strangely far away. But when is too soon to plan the perfect beach vacay with a dream wardrobe to boot? If Chanel and Etro have a say, the time is now!

Plan your holidays with their beachy, surf-inspired SS19 collections:

Etro went all out with their commitment to surf culture this year, bringing out pro surfers, Victoria Vergara and Maribel Koucke to kickstart the show with neoprene swimwear, beachy hair and surfboards tucked under their arms. They personified Veronica Etro’s vision for the collection: “the skate and surfing scene of California, [and] the denim and calligraphy of Japan, the Pacific, and Hawaii. It’s really about being free, joyous.” We can feel the joy in these ensembles, steeped in quirky prints and a love for the multicoloured!

Etro’s SS19 show channeled a bohemian vibe, revamping the counterculture energy of the 60s for the present. The flowing garments remind one of a free-spirited past, but are also completely on trend for meditation or yoga by the beach in our times of wellness. While we certainly wouldn’t want to attempt an extremely complicated asana, we love that it gives you the option to nurture the carefree soul within. 

Karl Lagerfeld was certainly not coy when he showcased the beach: his muse for the season. He gives us all a mini break from cold winter with a sandy runway and models walking barefoot, complete with fake waves! The show reimagined the label’s classic tweed with modern silhouettes, adding fabulous Provençal straw hats and oversized glasses. 

A scuba and tweed collection in 1991 saw Chanel embrace the surf trend under Lagerfeld, but this is not old wine in a new bottle. Just absorb the eclectic prints that are decidedly unique while staying true to the brand’s aesthetic. Lagerfeld has pulled off the seemingly impossible and brought together the worlds of high fashion and beachwear seamlessly. 

What are you waiting for? Flaunt your fabulous wardrobe and start planning the holidays already!

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