Chuck all your beauty products out of the window!

It all started when Mirai Clinical – a Japanese based skincare company challenged the status quo of the society and enlightened the world about ‘skin fasting’ – a miraculous way to rejuvenate the skin. The trend that is bubbling up on Instagram is all about giving your skin a break and avoiding any skincare products in a view to ‘detox’ your visage. 

In a world where consumerism is sky-high, certain abstinence from a fixed cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine may seem like a reverse culture shock to all the beauty aficionados. According to this theory, the skin repairs itself and no amount of chemical-induced moisturizers are going to help hasten the process. So let your skin’s natural maintenance system do the trick while you sip on some orange juice. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a deeper dive into this skin science.

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The Lowdown

The concept of fasting goes back in the ancient Grecian era when Hippocrates used it as a way to spur the body’s natural mechanism of healing. Cut to more than a century later, the ‘less is more’ concept can be considered as a revolution in modern minimalism practices. Sure, the skin is the largest and the most visible organ of the body but it is believed that it doesn’t need any coaxing in the name of moisturizers; the sebum content in it is enough to naturally hydrate it and retrieve its pH balance. “The Japanese have studied the skin’s regeneration on a monthly basis and have proved that ‘skin fasting’ improves your skin’s condition and detoxifies skin impurities,” says Koko Hayashi, Creator of Mirai Clinical Body Care. Hayashi states that our skin has a natural tendency to repair itself and ruthless application of daily moisturizers and serums come in the way of it. That is also the reason of why people experience overly itchy or oily skin, as it creates an imbalance that can further develop a host of skin ailments. 

The Process

You can start this technique by gradually abstaining from your skincare products so as to not ‘shock’ your skin. Hayashi recommends going ‘sans products’ for at least 4 nights a month, to experience the true benefits of it.  She advises washing your face with lukewarm water at night and repeating the step after you wake up in the morning. There are no products to be used in between but you do need to drink enough water to stay hydrated and intensify the skin-healing process.

Photo credits: Pexels

Is It Practical?

While ‘skin fasting’ may seem like a novel concept, there are some ‘cons’ that are associated with it. Dermatologist the world over have argued about its potency for people with problematic skin. If you have acne-prone skin, rosacea or eczema then such beauty experimentation can have lethal consequences. Thus, it is always good to consult with your dermatologist before you undergo any ‘skin ritual’ that has been hagged from the internet. Finally, if you are investing in a good skincare routine, then such practices can be banal owing to the satisfaction you have from the results.

Would you try leaving your skin product free for four nights a month? 

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