We decode the wisdom of investing in this timeless classic with Ms. Jyotika Jhalani from Janavi

If you ask us the 3 must-haves for your winter wardrobe, we would (unapologetically!) swear by the 3 C’s- Coat, Cardigan, and the luxurious CASHMERE. Reigning over our style fantasies and wardrobes, since 1940 (when Lana Turner made sweaters the ‘IT’ thing), cashmere is the wardrobe staple coveted by women of all ages. Whether you are in your 20s or 50s, cashmere is one piece that would always complete your outfit.

After enjoying exclusivity for three decades (Grace Mirabella took with her an entire wardrobe of Halston mix ’n’ match cashmere separates to cover the Paris couture shows in 1971), China came into the market, and the fabric became a victim of mass production. But even today, a fine quality cashmere sweater would last you for years.

We spoke to Ms Jyotika Jhalani of Janavi, India’s premier cashmere brand, on what makes it such an exquisite item to possess (even though it’s ridiculously expensive)? “Compared to wool, the warmth, the softness and feeling of a well-styled luxurious product can be a huge fashion statement. Along with the functional aspect, the feeling you get when you indulge yourself is unique; you feel pampered,” explains Jyotika.

To start your cashmere collection, the first piece you should invest in is a black sweater

The beauty of the understated luxury fabric is that it can be transformed into dresses, shell tops, turtlenecks- something you can wear to the office and even at night! Jyotika recommends. “For the evening, I would style a fitted pair of tights with boots and a cashmere sweater. One can drape a beautiful cape over it.”

It is royalty in your wardrobe, treat it with respect |And rightly so, it’s is your investment piece (read a month’s salary). Jyotika shares a few tips on how to take care of your cashmere |
Never wash it in hot water or a machine. It’s usually hand-washed, but preferably dry-cleaned.
While storing it through the summer, make sure to neatly fold it in muslin bags.
While ironing it should be steamed and not be flat-ironed.
Lastly, pilling is a common problem faced while wearing knitwear. Use a lanolin wash to avoid this issue.

When it comes to the market, the Indian consumer has developed an evolved taste in luxury purchases. A piece of cashmere adds value to your closet. Be it a bespoke, limited or a classic, investing in it is a personal rejoice for years to come.

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